Patrick MINI Clubman Launch

Patrick MINI has invited the Chicago MINI Motoring Club to attend their launch of the new MINI Clubman on Saturday February 16th from 3pm to 6pm in their new almost completed showroom.

There will be food, music and several Clubmen (Clubmans?) to check out..

Patrick MINIΒ  696 E Golf Rd, Schaumburg

  • Taylor

    I really wanted to do this but i will be out of town. Bummer! Good job setting this up.


  • I am probably out of town also, unless Wisconsin is closed this weekend πŸ˜‰

  • Chris M

    Any chance for a club(man) discount? LOL

    OK that was pretty lame.

  • Given all the snow we’ve been getting, Wisconsin might just be closed! πŸ™‚

  • Dustin

    I hope to be there for the 1st few hours.

  • Jeffrey

    Seeing that I am 1.7 miles from Patrick, with nothing planned for Saturday…yup, I’ll be there

  • Rich

    Considering that I haven’t drove my own MINI in over 6 months, Just maybe I can convince one of the Salesmen[woman] to let me borrow it for the weekend? Just a thought..

  • Chris M

    Lori and I will be there!

  • Dustin

    I drove an R55 last night, WOW! The paddle shifters ROCK! While I’m not a fan of the R56, I could really love an R55, if it only had the R53 dash. πŸ˜‰

  • Mark

    I may be there … depends on how much work I can get done tomorrow though

  • Dustin

    Very nice new shop, looking forward to seeing the all new MINI dealership in April.