Dealer Desserts

The Chicago MINI Motoring Club is happy to announce a new social monthly gathering in partnership with the Greater Chicago MINI Dealers.

Bill Jacobs, Knauz and Patrick MINI welcome us on the 2nd Wednesday of each month starting in Feb 13th at Knauz (6:30-7:30), March 12th at Jacobs.

Join us at the Host Dealer anytime from 6:30 – 8ish pm to enjoy time with MINI friends, finger food, beverages and a few surprises from the Host Dealer.

Visit the website for updated details. Be sure to sign up and see who’s coming this month. Any questions feel free to contact Jeff at .

Feb 13th Knauz (6:30-7:30) 409A Skokie Hwy, Lake Bluff
Mar 12th Bill Jacobs 1564 W Ogden Ave, Naperville
Apr 9th Patrick 696 E Golf Rd, Schaumburg(Postponed – Stay tuned for more news)
May 14th Knauz (6:30-7:30)
June 11th Bill Jacobs
July 9th Patrick
Aug 13th Knauz (6:30-7:30)
Sept 10th Bill Jacobs
Oct 8th Patrick
Nov 12th Knauz (6:30-7:30)
Dec 10th Bill Jacobs

  • Jeffrey

    These gatherings should go a long way in building a strong bond with the local dealers, which can only help us grow this club to its full potential. I encourage everyone to come out as often as possible. Please let me know if you have any ideas you would like us to work on.


  • Jeff, I can’t wait!!! These will be fun!!!

  • Rose

    Thanks to CMMC for this great idea, count me in for Feb. 13th at Knauz.

  • Rob

    Sounds good.
    BTW, it should be spelled Desserts.

  • BTW, it should be spelled Desserts.

    Thanks (from the typographically challenged)

  • Sorry, can’t make Feb 13th.. Parent teacher conference. Weeknights are generally tough for me.

  • john & tommy

    Will try to get there (Knauz) after Tommy’s indoor soccer game.

  • Ernie

    those dates would be great for Accessory shopping at the Parts Desk too for all of us that keeps putting off the small things…

  • Jonathan B.

    I will be there… cannot wait to meet some members and start being an active member.

  • Donna

    Dustin…NO! Froam a woman’s perspective, that is 😉

  • Bruce

    “..if I bring Karen do you think that would cover me for V-day too? LOL” wrote Dustin.
    Yah… they’d be happy to when you buy a car!!
    :^) I’ll try and be there!
    p.s. Dave has been bumped over to SMART… so go take a test drive and say hi! (You must experience the little tyke)

  • Dustin

    Yea! There will be a Clubman there too!

  • Dustin

    Also looks like Wed will be our best weather of the week too.


    I’ll be there Wednesday. Is Knauz having any other special activity for the Clubman arrvival? I know I recevied an invite from Patrick for a Saturday event.


  • Dustin

    Knauz will have treats for us and I’m sure Kevin is working of a few cool things for us and the Clubman.

  • Jonathan E.

    I’ll be attending….weather permitting.

  • Paul

    I was at Knauz yesterday and they have several Clubman’s in stock and on the showroom floor.

    I’m impressed, although I would perfer to get mine with a JCW package if I was purchasing one.

  • Dustin

    We had a great time tonight. With a dozen plus for cold cuts and fun. Everyone left with a gift and most drove the new Clubman. Thanks again to Knauz for helping us kick off this new on going event.
    Next Month See Ya @ Jacobs in Naperville.

  • Jeffrey

    I second Dustin’s comments. Driving the Clubman was a blast. Thank you Knauz.

  • Dustin

    March 12th at Bill Jacobs, I’ll be there will you?

  • Owen

    I bought a MCS 07 as soon as I moved to Chitown last year but I only found out this club just now. I am tempted to go to Jacobs next week.

  • Jeffrey


    Our next Dealer Desserts is one week away at Bill Jacobs. Please let me know what you would like to get out of this meeting, such as what you would like to see and any event ideas.

    They will have snacks and drinks there for us, but they will need and idea of roughly how many people to expect. It is not a requirement to RSVP here, but if you are thinking about it, please post so I can get a rough headcount.


  • Ron D

    I’m gonna try to make it – looking forward to speak with some current CMMC members.