Chicagoland MOTD hookup

The 2008 MINIs on the Dragon (MOTD) is only a few days away (April 30th to May 4th)…

This is the place to let Chicagoland people know when you are going, where you are staying, and help plan that fun drive down together.

If anyone is interested in writing a wrapup or linking pictures of your trip, send the info to and we will put there here.

Photos by Paul R | Francis |

Movie by Taylor

  • Jeffrey

    I have space for two more tents at Fontana from the 30th-4th. Email me if you are interested.

    Also, anyone interested in doing some trail running while not motoring? I know several great trails in the area.

    My email address is

  • john & tommy

    I’ve been on the dragon, but never to the event. ON the fence right now, depends on work schedule. Would love to squat in your campsite if its still open.

  • Jeffrey

    John and Tommy,

    Let me know when you are certain you are going.

  • I think I would be interested in a space for a tent. Email sent.

  • Francis (MiniMac2005)

    Registration is FINALLY open for MOTD 2008!!!

    We’ll see you Dragon-side!!!!

  • I’ll be heading down first thing Wednesday morning.

  • Jeffrey

    I still have room for one more tent. Any takers before I post it on NAM?

  • Jeffrey

    If no takers by April 1, I will put the last campsite up on NAM.

  • Francis (MiniMac2005)

    FYI…if anyone is remotely interested in going to MOTD next year and you want to stay in Fontana Village… you need to start calling the resort today to make a reservation for next year – 2009. There’s a post on NAM indicating that they’re taking reservations now.

  • Just curious, who all is going to the MINIs on the Mile? I know Tamara is going up, I just sent in my registration. If there are more of us, we should meet up and drive to Milwaukee together.

  • You guys will have a great time. I’m going to hate to miss this year.

  • Just curious, who all is going to the MINIs on the Mile?

    Jonathan, you are a 1/2 step ahead of me.. I was planning on putting a post out for that later today.

    When I do, I will remove your comment and mine from this thread.


  • Francis, is the “stiffed” lesson one we can all learn from and avoid, or a sad isolated incident.