Milwaukee Mile meetup (05/04)

WRAPUP:聽 5 chicago area MINIs met up and cruised up to聽meet with the Milwaukee Club.

Check out Tamara’s cool new roof

Photos by Jonathan聽| Francis from Madison | Caren from Milwaukee | Mark |

Several Chicagoland area people are planning on attending the Drive the Milwaukee Mile event on Sunday May 4th.

Is anyone interested in meeting up for a group drive to join up with the Milwaukee MINIs club?

Plan on leaving the Full Moon Restaurant parking lot near Route 41 and Route 137 at 7:45 to get to 76th and Main Street in Milwaukee by 9am.

If we get 3 or more people interested, its a go..

17 thoughts on “Milwaukee Mile meetup (05/04)

  1. Hi Rose. Click the link above for the Milwaukee club and complete the registration form. The form needs to be sent to the track directly. You need to pre-register in order to get in with the group.

    Have fun! I won’t make it back from MOTD to attend this year…

  2. Hi Francis, pre-registration was thru the 15th, so do I still submit a form and money? Confused!

  3. Registrations postmarked after April 15th cost $15 + 2 cans of food. Please note that you must send in your form before hand (as opposed to doing day-of registration) in order to drive in together in the special “Drive Right In” lane.

    Yes, you still need to preregister to be able to get in as a group (the price is a little more than the early registration)..

  4. Thanks Steve for unconfusing me. Check and form in the mail, see you at the “Full Moon Cafe”

  5. We’ll be there. Last year we drove up to meet everyone, now we live in Wisconsin so it’s only a 50 mile drive. See you all.

  6. Darn, I will miss this year as that’s the date of Windy City BMW’s first season autocross.

    I did the Drive last year and had a lot of fun. They had a tremendous variety of cars on display in the car show section. A bunch of old muscle cars, vintage NASCAR racers, vintage open wheel cars, and a huge contigent from a Fiero club!


  7. Are we considering this the May event, then?

    Nope, This is a non-club event..
    Still working on the May event for later in the month.

  8. Awesome, Steve. Got the goods out to you via mail yesterday, just so you know.

    Lemme know if you need a hand with anything…

  9. That was 10 bucks well spent! I enjoyed hanging out with my fellow CMMC members and thanks for the hospitality Milwaukee MINIs!!!

    Nice lid Tamara!

  10. Thanks Steve for leading our pack to the track. Had a great time with our group and Milwaukee club. Driving the MILE was awesome!

  11. I had alot of fun at that event, always do. I have a big problem that someone who was there can help me with. A guy from IL showed me his rally light brackets and I can’t remember his name or where he got the brackets. He has a silver MCS and the brackets fit between the bumper and the grill. If anyone can help, contact me.

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