Car Control Clinic (05/31)

Wrapup: Great weather, and a really well run event..

A bunch of MINIs from Chicago and Wisconsin area participated in the Car Control Clinic. We had an hour of classroom time where we learned about the dynamics of controlling your car and learned about the various drills we were going to perform. After that, we split into two groups and took to the parking lot with our instructors. Drills included a slalom, figure 8, skid pad circle, and a lane change avoidance maneuver. After lunch we had a chance to continue the drills plus run a course that tied all the elements together.

This type of event really is a must-do to help practice understanding what your car can do at the limits (plus it is a ton of fun!!)

Thanks to Windy City Miata Club and for putting this together

Pictures from Steve |

The Windy City Miata Club and are hosting a Car Control Clinic at the College of Lake County in Greyslake on Saturday May 31st.

This is a great chance to learn what you and your car can do in a safe controlled environment.

Registration is limited to only 40 cars, so if you are interested you will need to act soon!!

Check out or the Windy City Miata Club site for all the details on what to expect, when to show up, and how to register.

  • Dustin

    FYI This event is already 1/2 sold out in just the 1st few days. We will start a standby list and should that list grow over 20 we may host a 2nd CCC in the Fall.

    I look forward to seeing you there. Dustin

  • Sounds fantastic! Would love to sign up, but not sure if I’ll still have my MINI on the 31st. My 135i finishes production on the 29th of April, so I may be taking delivery before May 31st. If so, are Bimmer’s welcome? Please advise.

    Are helmets required? If yes, can we rent one for the day?



  • Dustin

    Anyone in any car is welcome. No Helmets needed.

    This is a Car Control Clinic not an AutoX School.

  • Dustin

    The event is almost sold out and yet there are only a few MINI’s signed up. This event was setup because dozens of you asked for it in last years survey.

    I hope you sign up soon, or you may not be able to get in.



    How many of the sign ups are Miata’s? Since it’s a joint event I’m guessing they have a lot.


  • Dustin

    About 15 Miatas and 6 “others” at this time. The plan was to run two groups, one FWD and one RWD, we will adjust plan as needed. Hope to see more of you sign up soon.

  • Okay. I just paid my money and registered. If my 135i doesn’t come in, I will be there – obviously – in the MINI. Otherwise, I’ll be one of the “other” cars. Do you need to know which car I’m coming with prior to arrival?

  • It’s been YEARS since I’ve driven RWD. So kind of hoping to have the 135 so I can re-learn how to maneuver RWD better.

  • Dustin

    We will break the groups up that morning. I hope it’s your 135i too. Thanks for signing up.

  • Mark R.

    I’m in!

  • how would i sign up with a check?

  • Dustin

    Hello Peter, please visit for the signup details by check.

  • Dustin

    Mothers Day update. There are only 10 spots left. This would be a nice mothers day gift, the gift of control.

  • Dustin

    Only 5 seats left.

  • Dustin

    5-20-08 update, the event is SOLD OUT! If you would like be placed on the waiting list please email me at to be added to the list.

  • Just talked to my sales guy – no idea what BMW calls their sales guys? Anyways… My 135 is in the states and has passed through customs. Scheduled to arrive at the dealership on… May 31st! If there’s any luck and the g-ds are favoring me, the car will arrive early, as in Friday so I can bring the new ride to the car clinic.

    Will let you know. :o)

  • Dustin

    We have one more spot left, email David Lieb at NOW for the very last spot that just opened up.

  • Dustin, Steve or David – contact me at my email please regarding tomorrow’s clinic. I emailed David already. Thanks!

  • Dustin

    I dont have an email for you. Mine is or 312-388-4263

  • I’m seriously considering not attending tomorrow as my 1er is coming in late tonight and will be ready around 9am or 10am tomorrow. Thinking of “donating” my prepaid spot to anyone who wants it… Can someone from the board contact me to discuss?


  • Awesome! Didn’t realize this was a several hour function. Thanks Dustin for taking the time to chat. See everyone after I pick up the new ride. Scheduled at around 9:15 to pick up at Perillo then I’ll do my best to head up right after.

  • Thanks to all who organized, instructed and participated..

    I had a great time!!

  • David T.

    +1 on the thanks to all! The quality of instruction, coaching and logistical arrangements made this a real bargain. Let me know when the next one will be held.