Upcoming Events

We have dates for our next couple of events. Additional details will be posted soon:

May 24th we will meet and hang out at the Spindle in Berwyn to check out a Chicago Icon before it is demolished.

UPDATE 05/03/2008: The Spindle has just been Dismantled, so we will be working on a different event on the same day.

We will have some brochures from http://www.langka.com/ LANGKA Paint Chip and Scratch Repair as well as a sample of their Blob Eliminator if anyone is interested in performing some chip repair in the near future.

June 8th we will exploring some fun roads in the Downtown area and South Lake Shore Drive.

8 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. The spindle is one of the things I wanted to see when I moved here. I am super excited. I am looking forward to LSD trip, I hope they have worked on the potholes… oh yeah, NO SLOWING DOWN for the S Curve…. NONE!

  2. do you remember the real “S” curve of LSD?

    Here is some information about the S curve.

    Bicycling on the sidewalks there was terrifying as a kid, but it was a blast driving through when there wasn’t much traffic.. It always seemed like a run down dumpy area.

    I ran in the 1985 Chicago Marathon, and they had us run on the newly re-done section before it was open to the public.. very cool.

    We may not be doing that section on our club drive, but I am sure we will have a northsiders caravan down to the start, and we will go thru there.

  3. I’ll surely be out of the LSD run…. Nothing better than scaring the sh*t out of traffic when taking the s curve at 60mph!!!

  4. they just tore down the Spindle today

    Yea, heard about that last night.. bummer.

    We are working on somethng different, same day.

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