Downtown Lake Shore Drive (06/08)

WRAPUP:  The sunny weather held out just long enough to last the morning drive.  A group of 9 MINIs headed down Sheridan Road and Lake Shore drive to meet up with another 10 MINIs at the official starting location.  A fun drive through some nice urban roads..  A few groups of MINIs got a bit lost, crossed paths a few times and eventually joined together and found the right way to the end.  Several people stayed for breakfast and visting afterwards!!

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Raceway Woods 5/24

Wrapup: Great weather, fun drive, good eats, and a cool destination!! We had a dozen MINIs and a bunch of dogs take a short trip out to Raceway Woods. There was one long pause for a slow moving freight train where we had a chance to pull over, take pictures and chat before the road opened up again. Burgers, brats, and side dishes were the food of the day, and people had a chance to explore the remnants of a very cool race track.

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