MTTS Chicago Photos

The Chicagoland stop of MINI Takes the States is now over, but I know there was a whole lot of pictures taken. Here is an aggregate of many pictures taken by our club members and friends..

E-mail a link to your pictures (but please don’t send photos because I don’t have enough space) and I will post them up here:

MTTS Chicago Flickr Pool

Photos by: Anthony Day 1 | Anthony Day 2 | Anthony Day 3 | Francis | Caren | Kevin | Steve |

Links to Original post | Friday Meetup drives | Saturday drive | Sunday drive

Club Discount DIECASM.COM

Club member Jim C. has offered the Chicago MINI Motoring Club a 5% discount at a website that ties together replica model vehicles and non-profit organizations.

Check out all the cool items, and use coupon code “ChicagoMiniClub2008” for your 5% discount.

This, and all our other great MINI related discounts are listed on our Club Discounts Page

Thanks Jim!!!

Happy Birthday CMMC

Happy Birthday!!

We’ve just passed out 5 year mark as an official club.  Huge thanks to everybody who has helped make our club such a great place to be.

Check out some pictures from the first official event [Here] and all of our prior events [Here]. 

Looking forward to the next 5 years.