Auto Show Event February 14th

MINI Chicago Auto Show

WRAPUP: Depsite the chilly weather and a dusting of snow, about 16 MINIs participated in an early morning cruise down pothole covered Sheridan Road and Lake Shore Drive.  The Auto Show was nice, and it was a bit less crowded than usual.  Huge thanks to Knauz MINI for helping us out with tickets!! 

Video by: Chris

The Chicago MINI Motoring Club (CMMC) will be attending the Chicago Auto Show on Saturday February 14th.   This is a perfect way to celebrate a Valentines Day morning.

The plan is to take a scenic drive down parts of Sheridan Road and Lake Shore Drive to the show.  Once we are at the show, everyone is on their own for hanging out and checking out acres of cool cars.

WHO: The drive is open to all friends of CMMC

WHEN: Saturday February 14th.

WHERE: The Evanston Northwestern parking garage at the far south end of the campus.

The address is 1800 S. Campus Drive (click the address for a map)

There is a small road that leads into Northwestern at the south end of the campus, and the parking garage is less than 1/4 mile in. We will be huddled in our cars shivering on the top level (slightly above ground level).

We will meet up and plan to leave at about 8:30 am to hopefully avoid some of the crowds heading to the show.

Come on out for a nice early morning drive, even if you don’t want to attend the Auto Show..

UPDATE 01/31/2009: We have secured a number of free admission passes to the Auto Show.  HUGE thanks to Knauz MINI for helping us out!!   You will still need to pay for the normal parking garage fees.

SPECIAL CMMC Ticket deal:  We have a number of free admission passes to the Auto Show.   To get them you will need to hook up with us on the beginning of the group drive so we can give them to you.

IMPORTANT: Post a comment here if you are interested in joining us for the drive and/or the tickets.  For tickets will be available for Club member +1 guest.  If we have extra tickets towards the end we may be able to relax that restriction.

We will e-mail you a confirmation closer to the event date and after we get the tickets in hand so we know how many spots we have.

34 thoughts on “Auto Show Event February 14th

  1. OK I am a NEW Mini owner I am talking 4 days ago.
    Just wanted to say Hello and I will try to make it.
    I would have myself my wife and daughter.

  2. Put me down as a definite maybe…. I may be there with one or two people in tow. By no means hold any tickets for me though, just in case I don’t make it. On a new drug that is doing a number on me, but hopefully by then, things will even out…

  3. Steve.
    Thank You for the welcome.

    Do not hold tickets for me at this time need to check the calander first.

  4. Lena and I are in…

    HEY SCOTT, Congrats and welcome. I bought my 1st Mini 26 years ago and my feeling is the same as yours ~ Mini Car = BIG FUN! ~ Enjoy your car.

  5. Thanks for the invite(ernesto from NAM)! I’m definitely able to make it for the trip! Are tickets for 3 available?

  6. I will be there, but no longer need the knauz ticket, so pass it on. You can get free tickets on, just follow the chevy dealers link, print out the coupon and take it to a chevy dealer.

  7. I forgot I have a Hustle Up the Hancock training climb that morning. I still plan on attending the Auto Show, but I will have to catch up with everyone later. Since I cannot make the ride, no ticket for me. 🙁

  8. Steve,

    I’m interested in two tickets if it’s not too late. The MINI’s exhaust should be repaired by Wednesday evening.


  9. i will not make it, i dont even have my mini right now as its still at knauz. I might come a bit later though. Morall of the story: dont save me a ticket.

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