Road Trips

MINI trailer 

There are many MINI related events held around the country.  Here are a few..

March 26th – 29th – AMVIV6 A MINI Vacation in Vegas

April 29 – May 3rd – 7th Annual MINIs on the Dragon 

May 15th – 17th – MINIs Carving the Black Hills

June 22nd – 25th – The Great Ice Cream Run 2 

June 26th – 27th – MINIs on Top

June 29 – July 2nd – East Meets West Mini-Sota

August 5th – 9th – MINIs in the Mountains Colorado

Where are you going this year?

4 thoughts on “Road Trips

  1. Thanks so much for the East Meets West mention! It’s coming up so fast…where’d all the time go?

    At the most recent meeting we had registrations from all around the edge of the US (east coast, florida, west coast, washington and several Canadian provinces) except Texas.

  2. There should a good turn out from the chicago area in mini sota. MM is always a good time. There will be a caravan leaving out of here for MN to attend.

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