Road Warrior

The Chicago MINI Motoring Club would would like to bestow the honorary
position of Club Road Warrior upon Conrad Alexander in recognition of all
the behind the scenes work that he has done over the years to help out our

Conrad has provided a tremendous amount of planning and logistics
assistance on a number of our longer drives including many of the Starved
Rock drives, both MINI Takes the States events, and the Kings Island
event.聽 Conrad has also worked as a liason with the MINI dealerships to
help make arrangements for event starts.

Fun fact:聽 Conrad was the very first club member to join using our PO box
way back in 2003!

Conrad can be reached via e-mail to

10 thoughts on “Road Warrior

  1. I’d like to thank all the Club Officers, and am looking forward to all the upcoming great activities with CMMC.
    aka Road Warrior

  2. Hey Conrad…
    We’re honored to have you as Road Warrior. I hope it brings more fun to your interior 馃槈 and thanks for all your ongoing help.

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