Tribune RedEye interview

Ryan Smith from the Tribune RedEye is looking for a person to interview about small cars.  Check out the message below, and if you are interested and fit the criteria, drop him a line (and be sure to put in a good word about the Chicago MINI Motoring Club)..

My name is Ryan Smith and I’m a reporter with the Chicago Tribune’s
RedEye edition.  In lieu of the upcoming car show, we’re doing a story
on small cars because a lot of the car companies are introducing new
ones this year.

I’m looking to interview people who either love small cars and are
devoted to them, are recent converts and traded in their bigger car
for a smaller car, or someone on the other side who loves their bigger
truck/SUV and refuses to buy a small car. Particularly I’m looking for
sources who are between 18 and 40 years old and lives in the city
limits of Chicago.

Ryan Smith

One thought on “Tribune RedEye interview

  1. Ryan,

    We live in Logan Square and just bought our new MINI, our second one in 3 years, back in November. We are big proponents of small yet luxurious? cars. I would be more the happy to talk to you about the virtues of a small car in the big city.

    Take care,


    312 446-6521

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