Club Auto-X August 1st

The Windy City Miata Club has invited the Chicago MINI Motoring Club to participate in their Autocross event in Maywood on August 1st.聽 We will be given a special pricing of $30, and we will be running in our own MINI classes.

Check out the website HERE for specific rules and details.

IMPORTANT:聽 You are required to preregister for the event at any time from now till the Wednesday prior to the event to reserve your number and to help things work smoothly.聽 Add a comment if you will be attending or watching so we know who’s going.

2 thoughts on “Club Auto-X August 1st

  1. GSK:

    The Miata club allows any make of car. There are several BMW’s that run regularly with them. Of course you wouldn’t be in the MINI class.

    Steve, I plan on participating. But wish it were at CLC. 馃檪


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