Car Control Clinic (08/08)

The Windy City BMW Club has invited the Chicago MINI Motoring Club to attend their Car Control Clinic held in Maywood on August 8th.

Here are the details:


WHERE:  Maywood Park, North Ave and 5th Avenue [Map Link]

WHEN: Saturday August 8th 9am till about 4pm

WHO: Chicago MINI Motoring Club members have been invited.  There is a 40 person limit, and only a few spots remaining.

HOW MUCH: $50, check made out to Windy City BMW

WHY: The perfect chance to have fun, and help understand what your car can do as you approach you and your cars limits in a safe controlled environment.

IMPORTANT!!  Registration deadline is August 6th or when it is full.  You must print and send in This Form to participate.

4 thoughts on “Car Control Clinic (08/08)

  1. Too bad I cannot come as I will be driving to Mini In the Mountains in Colorado… Does anyone know of any similar events to this one this Summer? Kes.

  2. Kes,

    Windy City BMW does one or two of these a year. This is our second for the year so the next one will be in 2010. The Badger Bimmer group nomrally does one too, but I think it is earlier in the season.

    Have a great trip to MITM and I’ll see you at Putnam in a couple weeks.


  3. EXCELLENT time, and a full day very well-spent; the BMW clubbers were superbly organized, cordial, and could not have been more encouraging as they were training us … a great way to learn what you and your equipment are capable of. Highly recommended, and a bargain at $50.

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