Cubs Brewers game Sept 11

Cubs Brewers MINI event 

The  Milwaukee MINIS and Chicago MINI Motoring Club are planning a Brewers vs. Cubs game outing.  It will be a night game on Saturday, September 11th.  There are only 75 tickets, between the two clubs and they will sell out fast!!  To get your tickets, send in your Order Form [Click Here] and payment ASAP.   Theresa from the Milwaukee MINIs purchased the tickets on her personal credit card, and had to pay upfront.   If you don’t buy your tickets by April 1st, and if there are any tickets ramaining, the price will go up. So buy your tickets, and buy them now!

WHEN: Saturday September 11th  6:10 game time, but we will be heading up early in the afternoon to meet with the MilwaukeeMINIs and tailgate beforehand.

WHERE: Brewers Statium in Milwaukee.  We will be planning a group drive and Illinois meetup time and place as the event gets closer.

WHO: Members of the Chicago MINI Motoring Club and MilwaukeeMINIs

HOW MUCH:  Tickets are in the Loge Bleachers on the 3rd base side.  $30/person (limit 4 per MINI).  Parking pass $15/car.  Tailgate catered food (if you choose) $12/person

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