Chicago Auto Show

We are still working on plans for the Chicago Auto Show.

The tentative plans are for either Saturday or Sunday morning February 13th or 14th. 

We will again be doing a morning group drive down Sheridan road and Lake Shore Drive for anyone who is interested.

Stay tuned to this website for special information as soon as it comes through…

  • Always a great time! Unfortunately this year we can’t make it to Chicago on this weekend 🙁

  • Kevin

    Sunday (earlier) is looking better for Carolyn and me 🙂

  • Still waiting to hear if super special plans from MINIUSA will come together.. That is why we are waiting so long to make the date and time announcements.

    We will edit this post or add a new one with details as soon as they are set (or confirmed that it can’t happen).


    Super special! I like the sounds of that!


  • Bennett & Denise

    We had fun last year and look forward to meeting up again

  • Kes

    I am in!!!