Superdawg 5/21

MINI Cooper Superdawg

WRAPUP: A bit of early evening drizzle did not dampen the enthusiasm for hanging out at the worlds coolest Hot Dog place.  40 MINIs, Mini, Lotus, and a few other cars showed up over the evening from such faraway places as Madison, Milwaukee, and even New Jersey (plus a bunch of people from much closer).  A really great evening to hang out and visit, look at cool cars, have some great food, and enjoy each others company.

Huge thanks to Arnie for making all the arrangements to provide for such a fun evening, even though he was unable to attend..

Please send links to photos to , and I’ll add them here.

Photos by:  Steve |

Come join us for a stop at the NEW Superdawg location this year in Wheeling on Friday May 21st!!

MINI friends, great food, and a new location large enough to hold lots and lots of little cars.

WHEN: Friday Night arriving at 7pm.  Stay tuned for a possible small group drive so we all arrive at the same time.

WHERE: Superdawg  333 S. Milwaukee Avenue, Wheeling, IL 60090

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WHY: Just a fun time hanging out with MINI friends and having some good eats!!

Add a comment to let us know you will be joining us..

39 thoughts on “Superdawg 5/21

  1. Lena and I made sure everything tasted good last Saturday 🙂 and that everything is in place. We will try to be back for the event. The place rocks. I recommend a Milk Shake or Malt w/ your meal.

  2. It looks like I’ll be in Chicagoland for this! (but I’ll have the Elise)

    I think we’ll let you hang with us, even if you bring a Lotus 😉

    Hope you can make it!!

  3. hey ya’ll!! got back from the Ozarks (soaked) after a great MINI trip! Can’t wait to have some local flavor.

  4. Anybody want to meet at the Bunker Hill parking lot off of Caldwell at 6:00 pm then drive to the Wheeling Superdawg location around 6:30? This would be informal of course and most convenient for Northsiders planning on going to Superdawg.

  5. Alright then. I will be in the Bunker Hill parking lot at 6:00 pm Friday evening unless it is pouring cats and dogs, but I think we will be okay with the weather. Will leave by 6:30 for SuperDawg. I will be in a silver cooper for those who don’t know my car. See you then…

  6. for those heading north… there’s road construction on Milwaukee Ave at 294 and starting just north of Lake Ave up to Palatine Rd. It might not be too bad after rush hour, but just in case you notice a backup when approaching… and there’s no good way around that area once in it. Plan accordingly.

  7. I totally had forgotten about this, but just got an email from the Wisconsin group saying they are coming down tonight. We’re in Palatine, is there anyone coming from that direction that wants to join our ride?

  8. hey Sue! I work off of Wilke and Dundee… post up where and when and I can be there.

  9. From Bunker Hill?? Milwaukee to Central Rd (turn left-west), to Wolf Rd (turn right-north), to Hintz (turn right-east), to Milwaukee (turn left-north) to SD.

    Wolf might be bumpy behind the airport…

    or Milwaukee to Sanders (stay right-north), to Willow (turn left-west), to Milwaukee (turn right-north) to SD.

  10. Hi guys and gals my name is Cesar, I met a few of you last night at the Superdawg meet. I was in the blue r53 with the lights on that showed up late, this was my 1st mini event. I look forward talking to you guys and getting to know you, thanks for the guys that shared your experiences on modding with me. See you at the next meet.

  11. Had a great time, as always! Thanks to Wade for the milkshake recommendation 😀 Good to see everyone again and we’ll see you all at the next one!

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