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WRAPUP: Over 40 BMWs and MINIs met for a perfect Saturday Morning drive to the BMW/MINI Distribution Center in Minooka.  We were treated to snacks and fruit, and a presentation of the workings of the Distribution Center.  We then took a tour of the center with an in depth description of the workings of hoow the parts are brought in, stored, picked, and readied for delivery to over 30 area MINI and BMW dealerships.  After a wonderfull lunch, there was a raffle for many gifts and we all lined up for a group photo.  Huge thanks to Robert, Carla, and all the staff who volunteered their day to show us such a great time, and to Meg from the Windy City BMW Club for organizing the event and inviting the CMMC to participate!!

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The Windy City BMW club has invited members of the Chicago MINI Motoring Club to attend their drive and tour of the BMW/MINI Distribution Center in Minooka, Illinois on Saturday May 15th, similar to what we did on our last Fall Drive.

Here are the details: 

WHAT: A drive, and a visit to the BMW/MINI Parts Distribution Center.  We will get a presentation of what happens at the Distribution Center, and a guided tour of the facilities, as well as a trivia contest, and a Jimmy Johns lunch on-site at the commissary.  We are planing on getting all the BMWs and MINIs together for a group photo at the end to send on to Munich!! 

WHEN:  Saturday May 15th, 10am departure from the starting point of the drive. 

WHERE: Starting location is the Mejer parking lot, 808 N Rt 59 in Aurora, IL 60504

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WHO: Members of the Chicago MINI Motoring Club are invited to join the Windy City BMW club.

WHY: Just a get-together to see some cool stuff, a fun drive, and a chance and hang out and visit.

Check out this link for more details

IMPORTANT: You must RSVP to this event to to they can plan for the correct amount of food.  Please also leave a comment on this post so we also know you will be there. 

11 thoughts on “BMW/MINI Distribution Center

  1. I attended my very first Mini Club gathering and I had a great time meeting everyone at Axels Automotive. So, I’m joining the Chicagoland Mini Club and looking forward to future meetups.

  2. I’m a maybe. I’ve got lots of other stuff that day and would like to go but… I might be able to make it, might not. Won’t know until the morning of. If I do make it I won’t be staying for lunch as I don’t expect I would have enough extra time.

  3. This will be our first outing with chicago mini.My family an i keeps score of how many mini’s we can spot when we go for drives.My son is 14 years old and he keeps reminding me that he has 4 more years and he will be driveing our mini clubman s.

    Dan Peters and family.

  4. My family an i keeps score of how many mini’s we can spot when we go for drives

    Hey Dan.. us too, except it has recently turned into getting hit for not spotting one first.
    My now 13 year old has been reminding me since we got our 1st MINI in 2002.

    See you Saturday!!

  5. Let’s get some more Mini’s out here. Don’t want mine to feel out of place with all the high prices iron.

  6. Well, depending on the weather, I’d love to bring out the go-cart…. Since the Dragon, I’m looking for a couple curved roads.

  7. I’ll be there, most likely in the Clubman, and meet you at the DC. Have morning errands to run since I’ve been at driving events the past two Saturdays.


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