Raceway Woods (07/10)

WRAPUP:  We had a small bunch of 3 MINIs zipping through some fun back roads out to Raceway woods, where we met up with and additional 2 cars out for a picnic lunch on a warm but nice day.  Three dogs were also lucky enough to participate and enjoy the hiking trails.

We ate lots of encased meats of various kinds (except for the vegitarians), visited and enjoyed each others company, and later explored the forest preserves looking for parts of the historic race track.  There was a daring MINI rescue of some hikers who wandered a bit too far away and needed transportation back to the picnic area.  Spirits were revived with a bit of water and some ice.. A great event at a fun location!!

Photos by: Steve |

We will be taking another trip out to Raceway Woods Forest Preserves in Carpentersville on Saturday July 10th.  This forest preserve used to be the home of Meadowdale Raceway in the 1950s and 60s. Parts of the track can still be seen and explored while hiking in the area.

This is a great time to enjoy an historic and scenic spot, hang out with MINI friends, have a casual cookout. Leashed dogs are welcome (as long as you clean up after them).

Details below..

WHAT:  A drive, and a bring your own picnic lunch, casual hangout

WHEN: Saturday July 10th, rain or shine. Depart at 10am

WHERE: Meet at Mieneke Recreational Center 220 E Weathersfield Way, Schaumburg. We will then take a group drive to Raceway Woods.   We will be planing to arrive at the finish at around 11am to make sure we can get parking at a spot to set up cooking.  Parking will be tight for more than 15-20 cars.

WHO:  CMMC members and potential club members.  Please add a comment below so we know how many people to plan for.

WHAT ELSE?:  Optional FRS radio tuned to Channel #1, subchannel #1, suntan lotion, bug spray, your favorite MINI clothing.  If you are bringing a portable grill and are willing to share some space on it, please let us know!!

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  1. I’m in, with at least one dog. Maybe 2 kids and another dog, but that would be AWFUL tight in the MINI.

  2. We’re planning to make it, but I won’t be able to drive the Mini yet 🙁 …. It’ll be good to see the gang again. I’ll be the one with crutches.

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