Horsepower Picnic 08/15

The Windy City BMW club has invited the Chicago MINI Motoring Club to participate in their event held at Tempel Farms in Old Mill Creek, IL (Near Gurnee Mills).  This event includes a show of the famous Lipizzans horses and a box lunch is also included.  Prices for CMMC memebrs are the same as for Windy City BMW memebrs!!

IMPORTANT: you must register by July 27th.  Details and registration form are located Here.  Please also add a comment on this post so we know you are going!

Huge thanks to the BMW club for including us on this event.

2 thoughts on “Horsepower Picnic 08/15

  1. This sounds great! I am interested in attending even though it occurs the same weekend as Mini Takes the States. There was an error in opening the registration form for this event, but I don’t think it occurred on my end.

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