Starved Rock October 24th

WRAPUP:  The anticipated bad weather held off except for about 5 minutes of rain, and we enjoyed a warm mostly sunny day of motoring on some wonderful back roads.  A large crowd of 33 MINIs and almost 60 people came out for an all day drive, some from far-away and exotic places like southern Wisconsin, Indiana, and Champaign.   We had a long first part of the drive from Schaumburg to the lunch stop in Morris, and half of the group got to experience the now famous Ashley road, while the other half opted to blast past the turn and take the more direct route in 😉  After a group lunch and a bit of hangout time we piled back in our cars and took the quieter back roads out to Starved Rock.  Traffic was mostly light, except for some slow moving vehicles in the tightest of turns.  The park was a bit less crowded than usual, and many people hung around a while and took a short hike up the “rock”.  Huge thanks to Gary for his help putting this years route together, and pre-driving the course.

Please send links to photos or video to and I’ll add them here.

Photos by: Steve, Pat and Kathy | Tom and Paula | Francis | Dan | Kes |

Video by: Tom part1 | Tom part 2

Please join us on our club’s 8th annual drive out to Starved Rock State Park on Sunday October 24th.

Enjoy a scenic all day ride on some fun back roads, a group lunch and a chance to witness the fall colors at a very cool state park!!

WHEN: Sunday October 24th.  Drivers meeting at 9:15 and departure at 9:30.

WHERE:  Start is in the parking lot at the SouthEast corner of Golf Road and Barrington Road in Hoffman Estates.

We will proceed to R-Place resturaunt in Morris for lunch, and then onto Starved Rock State Park

WHO: This event is open to all members, potential members, and friends of the Chicago MINI Motoring Club!!

WHAT: An all day drive to explore fun roads, hang around with MINI friends, and visit Starved Rock State Park.

WHY:  Just for fun

WHAT TO BRING:  A full tank of gas, appropriate clothing for the weather outside, a camera, lunch money, optional FRS radio for in-car communication  tuned to Channel#1 SubChannel #1, and a smile.

IMPORTANT:  Please RSVP by adding a comment to this post.  We need a good count of people for our lunch reservations!!

  • Paul & Kim

    We are in, thanks

  • Eric Toller

    I’ll be there.

  • Seeker

    In for two.

  • Nat & Jennifer

    We’ll be there.

  • Rose

    Will join you for lunch, won’t be able to go to Starved Rock, another family affair.

  • Nicole & Maddy

    I’m in for two.

  • Jerry Fikar

    Jerry and Sue are going

  • cathy

    Gary, lily and i will be there

  • Greg

    I’ll be there.

  • pat and kathy Gallo

    we are geared up and ready to roll

  • I’ll be there.. Looking forward to it!!

  • Jerry and Laurel Trostle

    We are planning on driving at least till lunch. Have another obligation later in the afternoon.

  • Kevin & Carolyn

    Sadly we’ll probably be out of town and unable to make it. Quite bummed; we love this one!

  • DanielM (& BASIL)

    Sounds great! — do we have a route yet?
    I have a friend who’d like to join us somewhere between HoffmanEstates and Morris; is that possible?

  • Diane & Kerry

    Sounds fun – we’ll be there!

  • Adam

    Me and Michelle will be there!

  • Warren

    I will be coming and bringing a couple of friends along. Looking forward to the drive.

  • Tamara

    I am planning to attend with my friend Tiffany. I’ll have Bridget my Dachshund, and Tiff is bringing her Beagle/Dachshund Peanut (he’s a famous dog model). =)

  • Eric

    We’re in if the rain clears up for Sunday.

  • John & Tommy

    going to miss it (Again), going to Iowa for soccer and Tommy is — gulp — driving there. “oh no Mr Bill …”

  • Ed

    The girl and I might be there! : )

  • Kes

    I will try to make it and bring some friends too! See you all on Sunday!

  • pat and kathy Gallo

    for anyone with navigation: it comes up as schaumberg as the town and it is west golf rd

  • If you are coming from the east it is probably easiest to turn into the parking lot from the Barrington Road side about 1/4 block south of the intersection.

  • Doug

    I have relatives in Utica I really need to visit. What time is lunch in Morris? Is there a route map to be found to jump in along the way? To leave from downtown to go north to go Southwest seems silly, especially if the weather is questionable.

  • Alice Hogueisson

    I am sorry I will miss this – I am leaving that day for a conference. Hope to meet everyone next event. HAVE A GREAT TIME!!

  • Peter


  • Tom M.

    My wife and I will be there…looking forward to it.

  • Chuck & Julie Misner

    We’ll be there with 3 for lunch.

  • I’ll Be there… If the weather stays nice, I’ll be there for lunch as well. Might have another MINI in follow, but they won’t be staying for lunch!

  • Julius

    Newbi with a Mini. I would love to join you on your motoring trip as I just got a new R56 2010 and I love it! See you there. (1) Thanks.

  • Newbi with a Mini

    Conrats on the new MINI and glad you’ll be able to make it Julius!!

  • Tom G

    Paula and I will be there as well.

  • Steve G

    Count me in….so that’s one more mini and two people.

  • Rose

    Sorry, will have to miss this one, have a great ride.

  • Bill

    Hi guys I just bought a R55, JCW last Sat found you sat morning thought I would love to meet other fun loving mini owners. I hope it’s ok will try be at the lunch stop. We are from champaign so about 100 miles for us to meet up for lunch. Thought the drive up for Starved rock would be so nice and to meet fellow mini owners sounds like a twofer.


  • DanielM (& BASIL)

    Nice ride, and we even got some sun — thanks, Steve!

  • Fun day today!! Huge thanks to all who participated, including all the new people on their first club drive.

  • Jerry Fikar

    Thanks to steve and route planner, nice ride ,good food , great company.
    Jerry and Sue

  • Bill

    Thanks to Steve and all the wonderful people we met was a wonderful drive cool roads fun drive. I apologize for being abrupt to some people bothering my Service Dog but she has a Job to do and needs to be left alone by people an pets no need to pet, touch or sniff bothered. She has been attacked twice by people’s pets and has no desire to be bothered.

    Thanks again bill