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Now that our final event for 2010 is in the books, tell us what your favorite event was for the past year (or from previous years).

What would you like to do or help plan for 2011?

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8 thoughts on “Event of the year

  1. Tough to pick because I like all the events, but the overnighter to New Glarus a year ago was a really special trip.. Paul and Barbara did a fantastic job picking out fun roads, and there was also a great mix of things to see and do at all the stops on the way as well.

    Would be fun to do another overnighter somewhere else but I don’t have what it takes to do that much planning. I’d be glad to help if someone else wants to give it a shot..

  2. I’m with you, the overnight New Glarus drive was outstanding.

    Staples like the SuperDawg/Culvers gatherings are always nice too. Unfortunately I missed too much this past year to be able to give some proper feedback.

  3. I missed the New Glarus overnight trip, so I’d like to see it happen again and hopefully get to go next time.

    This year, Dan and I drove Route 66 from Bolingbrook to Edwardsville on our way to a STL MINI club event. Maybe a day trip to the Route 66 museum in Pontiac would be fun for a small group. The restored gas stations along the Route were great to see as well.

  4. The New Glarus trip was great, would like to do some kind of weekend trip again. Also enjoy the Mini Clinc events, always learn a lot about my MINI.

  5. We just took the mini on a trip to Lake Geneva on Sunday. Very cold out, but the frozen lake was full of winter activities, great drive and could be a nice 1 day event for the club during the summer. I would be willing to help out on setting up an event, if a team was put together. Like the New Glarus trip from 2009, talk about it all the time with people that are interested about this club.

  6. For me the 2010 highlight was the drive to and the World Microcar meet. Nice drive to start the day followed by hundreds of beautiful little cars that one rarely or never sees.
    The go kart event is an annual favorite along with the Spring Drive and Starved Rock Fall Drive.


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