New Glarus Overnighter


WRAPUP:  A little rain, a little sun, a little warm, a little cold, we had it all.  About 25 MINIs from several area clubs participated in some really fun driving, a bit of Wisconsin culture, and some visiting time with MINI friends.  Huge thanks to Paul and Barbara for the tremendous amount of work requires to plan, organize, lead and put this event together.  Thanks also to members of M.I.N.I, Mad City MINIs, and the Milwaukee MINIs for joining with us to make such a fun event!!

Please send links of pictures to and I will add them here..

Photos by: Steve | Robin & Michael | Bob |

We will be heading out to New Glarus Wisconsin on May 21st and 22nd to explore some fun back roads and sample some of Wisconsin’s finest..

Here are the details:

WHAT: A multi-club 2 day trip in Wisconsin.  Sample some fun back roads, towns, eats and drinks and enjoy the company of your fellow MINI friends.

WHEN: Saturday May 21st and Sunday May 22nd.  Departure time is 10am.

WHERE: The Start is the angle parking on the One Way street  near Settlers Park in Rockton, IL.  Approximate address is 151 E. Hawick St, Rockton Il.  [map link].

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WHO:  This event is open to members of the Chicago MINI Motoring Club as well as other area clubs

HOTELS:  We have a few reservations left at a couple area hotels. There are others in the general area as well.   Check out THIS Post for hotel details, and let us know where you are staying.

THINGS TO BRING:  A full tank of gas,  clothes for the weather, a camera,  optional FRS radio tuned to Channel 1, Subchannel 1 (to help with car to car communication), a pen and clipboard for the directions, and a smile!!

REMINDER: If you would like to order a CMMC name badge or two, they are on sale for an introductory price of $5 until May10th.  We will hand deliver them to you at the beginning of the event.  More information and a link to the order form HERE.  If you can’t make this event, we will hold the badges until the next event you attend..

Huge thanks to Paul and Barbara for putting in a tremendous amount of time planning and organizing this event!!

Feel free to add a comment on this post to let us know you are coming..

27 thoughts on “New Glarus Overnighter

  1. I’m there, but only for Saturday. I’ll be heading back to Chicagoland that evening.

    I have an open passenger seat if anyone wants to tag along..

  2. Looks like I’ll be coming for Saturday only. Still, it should be a good time.

  3. Have to work on Saturday but might drive up on Sunday.If anybody wants to meet up and drive up on Sunday will be leaving from Woodstock.

  4. We are in Rockford and would like to join up with y’all to cruise out to New Glarus for the day. Can’t stay the night.
    Also, we’d like to join the Club.

  5. My wife and I would like to join you for this drive. We were at MOTD and are looking for a local Club to join.

  6. I would like to make the drive, but would have to meet up with everyone later. I will be coming from the Waukesha area. Is there a map or list of possible stops I could meet up with everyone?

  7. Is there a map or list of possible stops I could meet up with everyone?

    I have forwarded your details to Paul, but we will be stopping for lunch Saturday in downtown Monroe, WI, and Sunday’s lunch destination will be a Culvers in Verona WI, prior to people heading home.

  8. I will now have to meet up with the group in the Monroe/New Glarus area, likely to arrive between Noon-1pm. Is there a schedule of where group will be on Saturday so I can meet up? Thanks so much!(

  9. Craig and Beth, welcome to your first drive w/ us.

    Looking forward to a great weekend and seeing our MINI friends.

  10. I’m not a part of any of the motoring clubs up here (Just got stationed here) But was wanting to come along for the ride, would that be okay? If anyone who is going could drop be there number in my email box so I could get in touch with someone in case I run a little late and need to catch up somewhere else? Email is

  11. Wishing all of my MINI friends a fabulous weekend, won’t be able to join you this time. Be sure to hug those curves.

  12. Hi all, I’ll send emails regarding routes to those who have asked.

    We’re planning on the following times:

    ~10am: depart Rockton
    ~11:30am: arrive Monroe
    ~1:30pm: depart Montor
    ~3pm: arrive in New Glarus

    ~10am: depart New Glarus
    ~12:30pm: arrive Verona

    See you all tomorrow!

  13. Alp & Dell Cheese, Oh yeah!!! YUMMM

    Chocolate Cheese and EVERY kind of cheese!!!!
    They had a car show going on the last time we invaded 😉

  14. Had a great time, thanks everyone!!

    Lots of mud all over the side of my car (at least that’s what we’ll call it). Looks like I’ve been through a stage of the WRC championships.

  15. Awesome time, Cow Mud on our car too. Woah, that smell, what is that smell? Great seeing everyone!

  16. Awesome Ride! Looking forward to the next time, thanks everyone that put time and effort into making this event fun.

  17. Great time Saturday. Thanks to Paul and Barbara for a great route. Thanks to Syeve for his effort in getting the name tags.
    Jerry and Sue

  18. It was an awesome time. Special thanks to Paul and Barbara for planning and leading this exceptional excursion! Was able to get the cow/horse-manure-mud-mix washed off my car… 🙂 Hope everyone made it home safely without any issues with storms, etc.

  19. Fantastic drives, fantastic time…what a great group! Huge thanks to Paul and Barbara and all else involved in planning such a wonderful MINI weekend!

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