MINI of Chicago August 6th

WRAPUP:  Over 30 MINIs showed up to hang out and check out the new dealership.  Lots of old friends, new and potential members, and a few friends from the Minis In Northern Illinois club.  We were treated to a pair of Countryman Hotdog cars, plus the new MINI Coupe.  MINI of Chicago pulled out the grill and cooked up a buch of brats, hot dogs, and burgers.  Thanks to MINI of Chicago for hosting a fun hangout for our club!!

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Photos by: SteveArnie and Lena |

MINI of Chicago has recently opened it’s doors for business, and they have invited the Chicago MINI Motoring Club to stop on by for a special event including a behind the scenes tour and some eats..

COOL UPDATE: 08/05/2011 MINI of Chicago has secured a sneak peek at the new MINI Coupe for viewing while we are there

WHAT: A chance to hang out, visit with MINI friends, Check out a new dealership, and have some eats.

WHEN: Saturday August 6th at 10:30 

WHERE: MINI of Chicago 1111 W. Diversey Parkway, Chicago IL 60614

WHO: Members of the Chicago MINI Motoring Club and potential members

WHY: Just for fun!!

IMPORTANT:  Please RSVP for this event by adding a comment to this post and tell us how many are attending, so we can plan for food and space.

33 thoughts on “MINI of Chicago August 6th

  1. I may pop in for a bit… browse a new MINI so I can join the club again! (I wish this place was around 6 years ago!)

  2. Not a member (yet) but would like to come on by of that’s ok!

    Please do come by!! Always great to have new people join in.

  3. Can I bring my dog? I’ll be on my way to an errand with him but would like to stop by – he’s gentle, and blind.

  4. Can I bring my dog?

    Not sure, but I’ll check and let you know..


    Yes, gentle blind dogs are OK.. See you there!!

  5. Hey all…anyone from the suburbs want to caravan down into the city? I live in Palatine and would gladly meet up with anyone who wants to travel with me.

  6. I would like to attend with my family, if that is ok. That would be FOUR…myself, my husband Lee and my two kids if kids are ok. Eric is 14 and Allie 12. We love the city and this gives us a reason to come in from Naperville!

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