CMMC Holiday Party (12/11)


WRAPUP: Over 25 MINIs (and a few non-MINIs) filled the streets outside Taylors home.  Inside there were plenty of eats, drinks, snacks, and desserts. Lots of conversation and visiting and some cool raffle prizes including gift certificates from Cravenspeed.  A really great way to wrap up the MINI season..

Huge thanks again to Taylor for hosting such a great party, and to everyone who came out to share a wonderful afternoon and evening.

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Our anual Club holiday party will be on Sunday December 11th, and will again be hosted at club member Taylor’s house in Deerfield.

This is a great chance to kick back and visit with MINI friends in a nice casual setting.

When: Sunday December 11th at 1:30pm till about 5:30pm

Where: Deerfield, IL (specific address details will be e-mailed about a week prior to the event)

Why: Just a chance to kick back and hang out with fellow CMMC members

Who: CMMC members + guest, and friends/potential members of the Chicago MINI Motoring Club. There will be a limit of about 75 people (for space reasons).  It is important to RSVP to this post so we can e-mail you the address information, and know how many people to plan for.

What: Food, deserts, snacks and soft drinks.

Please add a comment to let us know you will be attending!!

  • I’ll be there..

    Huge thanks for hosting this again Taylor!!

  • Alex Rydzewski

    Both myself and Jenny will be there. Can’t believe it’s been a year already!

  • John and Kathy

    Kathy and I will be there.

  • Adam

    I’m in.

  • Craig Nuccio

    Beth and I will be there. Can we bring anything?

  • Nat & Jennifer

    We’ll be there.

  • Carrie L.

    I’ll be there with bells on! 🙂

  • Can we bring anything?

    Standing rule is that there is usually plenty of everything, but if you’d like to bring along a little something please do..

    I’ll be there with bells on

    Looking forward to seeing the bells..

  • Road Warrior

    In for two.


    I’ll be there as always. Thanks now MINI-less Taylor!
    Growler or two might find their way with me on the journey.

    And with Steve, looking forward to the bells…


  • Carrie L.

    HA, very funny Steve & Jim! 🙂

  • Dan Peters.

    We had a great time last year,we will be there.Beky an I,possible Shawn.

  • The two of us will be there. 🙂

  • Peter W.

    Thank you Taylor for hosting once again.
    I’ll be there with some treats in tow.
    Season’s greetings and happy holidays to one and all !

  • Dan

    I will be there with a plus one I think.

  • John

    will be there, maybe with Tommy(not sure).

  • Phyllis and Lee

    and the Emroll family –Eric and Allie. We assume by the description that this is not an adult only event? So, we will be four and we will most likely bring something homemade from the Emroll kitchen.

  • We assume by the description that this is not an adult only event?

    Nope. not adult only.. It is mostly hanging around, chatting, visiting and eating.

    We’ll see you there!!

  • Tracy & Jim

    Sounds like fun! We’ll be there.

  • Rose

    looking forward to my favorite Xmas party

  • Thanks again Taylor

    Know I will be working but hope to get there later


    Lillian and I will be there. Looking forward to it. Thanks to Taylor!

  • chris menzimer

    Going to try and make it, let me know what I can bring.

  • UPDATE Address details have been sent out to everyone who has RSVP-ed at this point.

  • Cherissa Loire

    I’ll be there +1 (Steve can you send me address details)

  • Dave Z

    I’ll be there. Thanks for the reminder Francis.

  • Kerry & Diane

    We’ll be there… thanks for hosting again, Taylor!

  • Cherissa Loire

    My new Coupe 🙂 might be joining us too. Estimated Delivery Date to the dealer is 12/10/11 🙂

  • My new Coupe 🙂 might be joining us too


  • DanielC (+BASIL)

    I’m in! — where am I driving to?

  • I’ll send details tonight Dan

  • Cathy

    we will be there

  • Michael Van Herwynen

    Hi everybody. I am the new chauffeur of Taylor’s mini. Coleen and I are in town and will be attending the Christmas party and bringing ‘his’ Mini back to its childhood home.

  • Road Warrior

    Thanks Taylor ! Had a great time, as usual. Good to see your MINI back in the club.

  • Arnie

    Happy Holidays Everyone, we were on our way to the party 2:?? and received a very scary phone call (family emergency that turned out to NOT be an emergency) after we drove west for an hour. Sorry we missed everyone 🙁 Glad you all had an awesome time. Wish we could have made it.

  • I had a great time.. Thanks Taylor for hosting and to everyone for coming out and making this such a fun event!!