Motoring Alliance Calendar Group Buy?

Checking to see if anyone is interested in a Motoring Alliance Calendar Group buy..

What could be more fun that a dozen MINIs hanging on your wall for 2012.

Price for a total quantity of up to 5 is $12 each prior to December 4th, and we can get a price break if we are over that..

We would need to ship to one address and work out individual delivery after that..

Add a comment if you are interested before December 4th..

We won’t go forward with it unless we are over 5 orders

4 thoughts on “Motoring Alliance Calendar Group Buy?

  1. If we are at 5 orders or under the $12 is the same as you can do for yourself, and get it shipped to your home.

    There is a bulk discount of some sort for quantities over 5 so it would save a litle money and be a little more inconvenient in terms of delivery..

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