MTTS 2012 – Who’s Going?


What are your plans for MINI Takes the States?

Doing part of a day or going the whole route..?Add a comment?and let us know your plans.?

Perhaps people can hook up for pert of the trip!!

19 thoughts on “MTTS 2012 – Who’s Going?

  1. I’ll be doing Nashville to Iowa..Leaving on the 5th and stopping in Cincinnatti.

  2. We won’t be able to do any of the rally, but we’ll be doing minicross in Philly on the 4th and again in Chicago. We’re also doing the Chicago evening event.

  3. I will only be able to do the MINIcross at the Autobahn in Joliet. Just so happens that my work is only 10 minutes from there so when I get off I’ll be heading over for the 3:30 – 4:00 slot.?

  4. I have signed up to join a caravan to the autobahn track leaving from Bill Jacobs in Naperville.

  5. I’ll be at the Joliet evening-event with some friends from StLouis and Minneapolis clubs —

  6. I’m doing the evening BBQ and laps at Autobahn CC. Anybody have details on what the “laps” are? Can we drive our cars on the track or are we being driven in cars?

    • Don’t know for sure, but based on prior experience, you will probalby be able to take your car out for?one lap around the track? It will be crowded and expect to go slow.. It will be a tour of the track.. not really a track lap.

  7. The
    family and I will be be driving with the caravan from the party at Bill
    Jacobs Mini in Naperville to the Autobahn for the BBQ and festivities.
    I have a MINIcross time slot at 1:30pm. See you there

  8. Doing Nashville to Des Moines portion.? Getting ready to head south for more heat.? LOL

  9. We’ll see you all at the Autobahn… should be arriving around noon with a couple of other MINIs.

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