Raceway Woods 6/3

WRAPUP: A beautiful Sunday drew over 15 MINIs for a short drive an a picnic cookout hangout.? Plenty of good food and good company.? Several new members joined?in and many people brought their 4 legged co-pilots as well.

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We will be taking another trip out to Raceway Woods Forest Preserves in Carpentersville on Sunday ?June 3rd.?? This forest preserve used to be the home of Meadowdale Raceway in the 1950s and 60s. Parts of the track can still be seen and explored while hiking in the area.

This is a great time to enjoy an historic and scenic spot, hang out with MINI friends, have a casual cookout.? ?Leashed dogs are welcome (as long as you clean up after them).

Details below..

WHAT: A drive, and a bring your own picnic lunch, casual hangout.? If you like, bring a little extra to share

WHEN: Sunday June 3rd, rain or shine. Depart at 10am

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WHERE: Meet at Mieneke Recreational Center 220 E Weathersfield Way, Schaumburg.? We will then take a group drive to Raceway Woods.? We will be planing to arrive at the finish at around 11am to make sure we can get parking at a spot to set up cooking.? Parking will be tight at Raceway Woods ?for more than 15-20 cars.

WHO: CMMC members and any?potential club members. Please add a comment below so we know how many people to plan for.

WHAT ELSE?: Optional FRS radio tuned to Channel #1, subchannel #1, suntan lotion, bug spray, your favorite MINI clothing. shoes for walking if you’d like to explore the trails.

If you are bringing a portable grill and are willing to share some space on it, please let us know!!

25 thoughts on “Raceway Woods 6/3

  1. Jerry and Sue
    Saw my first road race there about, and I hate to say it, 50 years ago. Been hooked ever since. The first race was early 60’s stock cars that had no idea how to drive a road course,
    pretty funny. A lot of great races after in what I call the golden age of sport car racing in this country. I just went to a reunion there last summer. I don’t believe there are many pinick tables there. Bring chairs.

  2. Newbie here. I’m hoping to pick up my mini Saturday, and this might be a nice way to break it in. There may be two humans, one small dog. I’ll bring my grill.

  3. Hi:?
    I am thinking about buying a convertable mini and I have many questions. Would it be ok if I came to your meeting at Raceway Woods?

  4. Would it be ok if I came to your meeting at Raceway Woods?

    It would be great if you came out.? We all love talking MINIs, and can hopefully answer your questions.

  5. Beth and I will be there, we missed the last drive because we were signing papers on our new “to us” MINI. We also have a portable grill if you need it. Quincy and Finnegen will also be there.

  6. Will probably be there with at least one of the beasts, don’t know if both will fit.

  7. Um….so what time are you meeting at the mieneke Recreational Center? ?I know you want to be there by ten but I have no idea how long it takes. ?

  8. We will leave the Recreation Center at a bit after 10.. The drive is only about 20 miles, so we will get to Raceway woods before 11 to make sure we can get a spot (it is a very small area)

  9. Sorry I missed you. What time did you get to Raceway wood? I was there around noon. I thought you would be there awhile.?

    • We were there from about 11:15 till after 2.? We were at the little gravel?pullout.? I heard there was a second spot somewhere.. Really sorry you weren’t able to hook up with us.

      • I looked at the link for Raceway woods again. i didn’t know there were 2 entrances. ?I was at Huntley Rd, you must have been at Route 31. ?Oh well. ?Maybe next time.?

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