CMMC on Route 66 5/19


WRAPUP: We saw a full-house at the Launching pad.? MINIs and Austin-Healeys hanging out together.? When we finally got started, we had 27 MINIs.? Including 1 Classic and a couple of friends from the STL MINIs.? With stops in Gardner for the 2-celled jail and restored diner car, then in Dwight for lunch and a group photo at the restored gas station, the trip started off with a bang.? In Dwight, we’re joined by 3 Pontiac-area MINIs.? We roll into Odell for another photo op at another gas station, then finally into Pontiac.? When we turn the corner, we’re personally greeted by the Mayor of Pontiac!? The weather was great and we were well received by everyone along the Red Carpet Corridor of Route 66.? Great seeing old friends and making several new ones. Special thanks to Dan and Francis for putting the drive together.?

Pics by: ?Cathy and Gary | Dan | Nat & Jennifer | Francis | Dave P?

Take a MINI?day trip down part of Route 66.? We are planning a drive to visit a number of small towns with a final destination of Pontiac.?

WHEN:? Saturday May 19th.. Departure at 10am SHARP

WHERE:?Meet-up is at: the Launching Pad Drive-in, 810 E. Baltimore Street Wilmington, Il??home of the Gemini Giant.


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WHAT:? A fun day drive on an historic road.. There will be?stops in Gardner, Dwight?with a lunch stop at the Old Route 66 Family Resturaunt , and??ending in Pontiac.

Once we’re in Pontiac, we will be parking across the street from the Route 66 Museum.? After some sightseeing, we can take a stroll down the street to Delong’s for some refreshments and possibly the new Pontiac Oakland Auto Museum.

Be sure to remember to take a picture of your MINI in front of the huge Route 66 mural behind the museum before you leave.

WHAT?TO BRING:? A full tank of gas, sunscreen, your favorite MINI clothing appropriate for the weather and wandering around, an optional FRS radio tuned to Channel 1, Subchannel 1, and a smile.

Add a comment below to let us know you will be attending!!

49 thoughts on “CMMC on Route 66 5/19

  1. oh boy!! ?you don’t want to miss this one! ?Looks like its going to be an unofficial British Car day in Pontiac. ?I just received an email that groups of MG’s and Austin Healy’s decided to visit on the same day when they found out we were coming.

    *** Please RSVP here or on facebook so we can provide an accurate headcount. ?The Pontiac Tourism will be waiting for us when we arrive. ***

      • Wish I could go, but this is one of the few events I’m going to have to? miss due to work.? Very bummed..?especially since Jim and I actually met the Mayor of Pontiac and chatted with him for 10 or 15 minutes about our club coming out there to visit.

  2. Unfortunately, Mike Schiml and I (Clarence Red) will not be making it out to MOTD this year. We still have our reservation at the Topoco Lodge if anyone from the club is interested. They won’t try to fill it until Monday if anyone is looking for some other accommodations. 2 double beds, breakfast and lunch included at 210 per night.
    ****Can someone who is going please pick up our bags of swag. Barry (MOTD organizer) said someone could pick up our stuff for us.
    If you are interested in the room call me and I’ll give you the reservation info. 815 791-7812

    • Oops posted this on the wrong thread! Sorry.
      I’ll be going to the Rt 66 drive. It starts right down the street from my work.

  3. I am a Mini owner from Pontiac and am looking forward to your arrival. ?My son, who actually drives the for most of the time, may meet up with you and make the drive with you. ?See you on the 19th.


  4. We our hopeing to come,if i do not have to work.I will not know untile that Friday.Shawn and I think that is going to be one of the best trip.

    • Hi JPR18..? Please do come on out!!? Looking like it is goingto be a really big crowd!!

  5. I have it on my calendar.? Looking forward to seeing Clarence’s JCW coupe that I’ve seen only in pictures!

  6. We are not members but would like to join in the fun on Rt 66

    Tom & Gay Morsovillo

    • we would be happy to have you join us for this trip. ?I’ll be in the BRG cabrio with dragons and a Route 66 decal on the windscreen.

  7. Please note… ?the lunch stop in Dwight HAS BEEN CHANGED!! ?we will be having lunch at the Old Route 66 Family Restaurant, located kitty-corner from the restored gas station in Dwight.

    ** Update 5/14 **We will be leaving Wilmington at 10am SHARP! ?Please arrive early so we can get everyone staged, signed in and ready to roll. ?The towns of Dwight and Pontiac will be waiting for us and will be ready to show us some small-town hospitality.An early lunch will be in Dwight. We will be hanging out at a diner in Pontiac after we’ve arrived and settled in.Please be respectful to the towns and their residents as we pass through. Please show your support for the local economy by spending a few bucks. Tourism is vital to Route 66 and we need to show our support. Please sign the guest books at each stop. Remember to wear your CMMC name tags and shine up your MINI.Please post if you have any questions. ?See you at the Launching Pad!

    • Anyone from Lake County going can meet @0248f83ea7d319b7dcec246d40fa372a:disqus?Jim and @JohnWagener:disqus?I?at Starbucks on Rt 60 & Aspen Drive at?8 am to caravan to Wilmington

  8. If the weather holds out and there’s no rain in the forecast we’ll be bringing out the Moke for this one.

    • Unfortunately we are not going to be able to make it. While?re-torquing?the head bolts last night one of the rocker pedestals cracked :(?

  9. Reminder… ?we’re heading out at 10am. ?Please arrive ahead and look for me (BRG/G Cabrio) so we can get waivers signed, route sheets handed out and everyone ready to go. There’s a gas station right across the street from the Pad so you can top off. ?Don’t forget your camera! ?The Gemini Giant offers a neat photo op.

    If you’re a few minutes late, don’t freak out. ?Simply head down Route 66 towards Gardner and you’ll run into us. ?See you there!

  10. I have a family emergency and wont be able to make it. Very sad to miss a MINI outing 馃檨

  11. Just got home from Pontiac, what a great run. Very gracious of the Mayor to greet each one of us into town.Very nice indeed. Thanks to you guys that put in the work to make it happen.
    Jerry Fikar

  12. thank you to everyone who came out. I hope everyone enjoyed the event. ?Best comment I heard was from one of the locals who said… ?” I love you MINI Cooper guys, no other car club is as nice as you…” ?and thanks for representing the club in outstanding fashion. See you at the next event. ?Maybe we’ll do this again later in the year for those who missed it so we can visit our new MINI friends in Pontiac.

  13. Thanks to all who had a part in setting up the route 66 drive. ?I uploaded some of the pictures I had to the flickr page. ?I was great to see all those MINIs together. ?Let me know if you are ever down in the Starved Rock area. ?We can go for a quick spin cycle out by the park!

  14. Thank you for letting us join in on the fun. ?The City of Pontiac was very pleased to have you and we look forward to joining in with you again real soon.
    Scott and Trevor Runyon

  15. Thanks, EVERYBODY! — we’re glad it went off so very well.
    PLEASE re-check the photo links here and on Facebook for “CMMC on Route 66” — we are getting more photos every hour, including the group-shot taken of us by the Chamber of Commerce folks at the Texaco station (“Dwight Main Street”)

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