Wisconsin Drive 4/22

Spring is here, and we will be teaming up again with our friends from the MilwaukeeMINIs club for a fun drive on some fun Wisconsin back roads.

WRAPUP:? A sunny but chilly day drew well over 50 MINIs to our annual spring event.? We had a casual drive up from the Chicagoland area to meet with members of the MilwaukeeMINIs and the Minis In Northernn Illinois clubs.? We then took off on a 45 mile drive through Southern Wisconsin’s most scenic roads..? Our end destination was a stop at Twin Lakes for a (very) late lunch.? Huge thanks to Theresa for helping with the route printing and arrangements, Francis, Arnie and Paul for input on the route, and Conrad the RoadWarrior for keeping us on the correct route 😉

Send links to photos and videos to steve@chicagominiclub.com? and we will link them in here.

Photos by: Steve, Gary and Cathy | Francis

Join the caravan from Chicagoland or Milwaukee or meet us at the combined start location at the Jelly Belly factory..? We will explore a bunch of Wisconsin back roads, then stop for a late lunch in Twin Lakes.

Here are the details:

WHAT: A fun group drive on some cool Wisconsin back roads.

WHO: CMMC members, MilwaukeeMINIs members, Minis In Northern Illinois members, or anyone potentially interested in joining any of the clubs.

WHY: Just for fun!!

WHERE:? Final Destination is a late lunch at?the Pier West Resturaunt in Twin Lakes Wisconsin

???????????? There are several start locations..? Chicago and Milwaukee area will each have a group drive to arrive at the Jelly Belly Factory for a ?combined meeting point and a bit of a hangout time prior to the main drive?(or feel free to just?arrive at the Jelly Belly start on your own)

??????????? Chicagoland Start: Departure 9:30? We will meet in the parking lot?near the Starbucks at Rt 176 and Waukegan road (just a little west of Knauz MINI).. Approximate address is 203 Waukegan Road, Lake Bluff Il

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Jelly Belly Start😕 Departure at 11:30?? 10100 Jelly Belly Lane, Pleasant Prairie, WI?? This is the intersection of Rt.165 (104th street) and Rt. 31 (Greenbay Road).??I have been told some GPS directions are not accurate to this location.

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WHAT to Bring: A full tank of gas, a camera, an FRS radio (optional if you would like to listen in, and help with traffic and directions. We use Channel #1, Subchannel #1), your favorite MINI Clothing, and a smile!!

?IMPORTANT:? Please add a comment so we can plan for the right amount of route sheets and for counts for our lunch spot!!

  • Nucfam

    Beth and I will meet you near the Starbuck’s

  • CMMC_Steve

    I’ll be there!!

  • Nat & Jennifer

    We’ll be there.

  • Eric T.

    I will be there

  • CMMC Roadwarrior

    In for two, weather permitting.

  • Lori & Dave L.

    We will be there!? (2) We will meet at the We will meet at the Lake Bluff starting point 🙂

    • Lori

      so excited…I seem to have repeated myself!? 🙂

  • I’ll be there! ?Meet you at starbucks.

  • Wjrust

    Melissa and I will be there Bill Rust

  • Rita Thacker

    Excited to join the road rally and I plan to bring a friend along…..see you on the 22nd!

  • Not sure if we’ll have our MINI back from the shop by them… If we do, we’ll be there.

    • Rich

      In the shop?? Were you aggressively accelerating again?!

      • hehe 🙂 the R53 has got rust under both tail lights and on the boot. 2 new rear quarter panels! Fortunately under warranty.

        • Rich

          Just remember.. Rust = less weight = MORE SPEED!!

  • Paeikre

    In for two

    • Paul and Kim

      Need to drop out, hope everyone has fun.


    I’ll be there, starting at Lake Bluff.

  • Shavednshiny

    I’ll be there +1

  • Tracy & Jim S.

    We’re planning on it!

  • Rose

    Rose ?? Looking forward to event, I’m 90 percent sure, I’ll be there

  • Jfikar_photography

    Jerry and Grandson Abe looking forward to it.

  • Jerry, Laurel and Sarah

    We are planning on attending. We will meet you at Jelly Belly. Jerry, Laurel and maybe Sarah!

  • Chris

    Going to be there, been awhile, looking forward to seeing everbody

  • Pete_Novack

    Will meet at starbucks +1

  • Daniel Conaway

    Should be there!

  • Tom (MiniShagz)

    Also accepted on Milwaukee’s Facebook, but I am planning on coming

  • Phyllis E.

    Phyllis, Lee, Eric and Allie will meet at Lake Bluff.? Looking forward to the day!

  • Sylwia S.

    New to the club! You can add 2 more to the drive if it’s not too late?

    • Arnie P.


  • I’m in +1

  • Arniesk8r

    Looks like we’re gonna have a great turnout.
    ‘LQQking forward to seeing everyone. ?

  • Local MINI flavor! Sounds like fun.?

  • Mark R.

    I’ll be there!

  • Bob B.

    We’re in!

  • Magoolll

    Roy K.
    New to the club! You can add 2 more to the drive.

  • Reese

    I’ll be there +1 starting from IL

  • Ritcthacker

    So sorry I will not be able to go ….have been looking forward to meeting everyone but have a terrible cold that I’m sure nobody wants….. Hope to join you next time!!!
    Rita T

  • ill see if i get fire in my 7.3 idi

  • Sokul1


  • Tamara

    I’m?going. I plan to?meet in Lake Bluff unless I get a slow start in the morning. =)

  • Paul (the other one)

    I was suppose to be in Cali, but plans changed and now it looks like the wife and I will be attending. We’ll see you at Lake Bluff.

  • CMMC_Steve

    Huge thanks everyone.. I had a fantastic time today!!?

  • Jerry Fikar

    Thanks to all that made this happen. Fun time.

  • Carrie L.

    Thanks so much?to all?that had a hand in planning such a fun event for us…looking forward to the next one already! 🙂

  • Jerry Fikar

    We had such a great turnout Sunday that I was hoping we would stop in route and regroup for a few pictures. 50 Minis in a row would be cool. I would like to suggest that we do that in the future if traffic and suroundings permit it.