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WRAPUP: A chilly morning greeted 15 MINIs for a drive down to the show.. We met up with others who drove on their own, and were granted VIP early access to the show for almost 50 of us.   We were able to get up close and personal with the new JCW GP and Paceman and check out all the goodies at the MINI exhibit.. Then we were off to check out the rest of the cars at the Auto Show.  Huge thanks again to MINIUSA and to Knauz MINI for helping with the arrangements for our club and for the event tickets!!

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The Chicago MINI Motoring Club will be attending the Chicago Auto Show!!

Come on out and check out one of the largest shows in the world.  Our friends at MINIUSA  has made arrangements once again to get our club into the show an hour early to spend some quality time visiting and checking out the MINI exhibit.

Knauz MINI has helped us out with some tickets attend the show!!

Here are the details..

The plan is to take a scenic drive down parts of Sheridan Road and Lake Shore Drive to the Chicago Auto Show.. We will be allowed in to the show an hour early at 9:00 as a group to hang out at the MINI exhibit.  After that, everyone is on their own to check out the rest of the show at the general admission opening time.

WHO:  The drive down to the show is open to anyone.  There are only 50 spots available at the Auto Show, so tickets into the show which will be initially restricted to CMMC members + 1 guest.   We hope to be able to relax those restrictions to allow additional guests and non-members as the event gets closer.  You will still need to pay for parking at McCormick Place parking lot A

WHEN:  Saturday February 16th  We will leave for the group drive to the show at 7:45 PROMPT..   If you would like to meet us at the show, we will congregate in the lower lobby area by the fountain, however you must meet up with us before 9am.. Once we are in, we will not be able to get out to meet you!!

WHERE:  We will meet at the top of the Northwestern University Parking Garage, off of Sheridan road at the south end of the campus.

The address is approximately 1800 S. Campus Drive (click the address for a map)

There is a small road that leads into Northwestern at the south end of the campus, and the parking garage is less than 1/4 mile in. We will be huddled in our cars shivering on the top level (slightly above ground level).

NOTE:  Add a comment below to let us know you are attending, how many tickets you would like, and if you are meeting us at the show or driving in with the group.

Huge thanks once again to Michelle and Broderick at MINIUSA for pulling off the difficult feat of getting our club into the show early, and to our friends at Knauz MINI for helping us again with tickets!!!

28 thoughts on “Auto Show Feb 16th

  1. Not sure how “member +1” will work for us, but if possible, we (Phyllis, Lee, Eric & Allie) would like to come together. Let us know if we should plan for four or two, we’ll work it out.

  2. Weather permitting, I’ll drive my MINI down from Madison the night before and meet you at Northwestern. Let me know if you have a ticket for the non-club member. I’ll be solo. Any suggestions for a mid-price hotel close to NW? Thanks!

  3. I would love to come again this year, however, I will be leaving for Rochester, MN to go to the Mayo Clinic to have back surgery on February 18th! I will see everyone again in a few months as soon as I have fully recovered. My Coupe will sure be lonely in the garage though, until I am cleared to drive again 😉 Have Fun Everyone!!

    • Get better soon!! We missed you at Karting and we’ll miss you at the Auto show.. Hope you will be back by the Spring Drive!!

  4. We four, Phyllis, Lee, Eric and Allie, will just be two (Lee & Eric). However, if there are still two tickets available for guests, we would still be interested in them. See you at NW for the drive in!

    • We’ll see you there Sue!

      The numbers keep moving up and down, but there are 10 spots left right now.

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