Car Control Clinic 04/20

The Windy City BMW club has offered Chicago MINI Motoring Club members the chance to participate in their 18th annual Car Control Clinic on Saturday April 20th.

This is a fantastic opportunity to safely explore and understand the limits of your car and have a bunch of fun while doing it.  A perfect class for a younger person or someone who has not yet had a chance to feel anti-lock brakes, practice skid control and correction and emergency lane change maneuvers.

The Windy City BMW club is waiving the BMWCCA membership restriction for CMMC club members.  Cost is $60.  Space is limited and fills up fast, so contact Randy at to secure your spot.  Add a comment here so we know you are attending!!

Motorbooks group buy

Our friends from Motorbooks have offered members of the Chicago MINI Motoring Club a fantastic group buy discount..

50% off list price on any MINI or Mini related title!!  Check out the list of books available HERE

Check out their catalog of MINI books and send an e-mail to with the titles you are interested in..

We will be placing an order on March 15.

This will be shipped to a single address, so we will work out details of getting the books to you after they are delivered.