Chicago Auto Show Feb 7th


WRAPUP:聽聽A great chance to see the new F56 Cooper S up close and in-person in a very un-crowded Social Media Day.聽 Huge thanks to our friends at MINIUSA for making this event available to our club!

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The Chicago MINI Motoring Club has been invited to the Social Media preview day at the Chicago Auto Show this year on Friday February 7th.
This is a great chance to see the new F56 MINI due for sale later this year and hundreds of other cars before the general public.

Auto Show registration details and specific times will be provided soon, but leave a comment if you’d like to attend!!

Huge thanks to our friends at MINIUSA聽 for making the arrangements to get us into the show again this year.

WHAT: Chicago Auto Show Social Media Preview Day

WHERE: McCormick Place, North Hall

WHEN: Friday February 7th 8:30-2:30

HOW: [sold out]

Also add a comment here so we know you are going



35 thoughts on “Chicago Auto Show Feb 7th

  1. I’m working on taking a day off work to go..
    As soon as I get registration details I’ll update the website and e-mail a notice to all who add a comment here.

  2. Please add Kathy and I to the list.
    I’m off work till 12th, great timing.
    Now let’s pray for a NO snow day!

    • They will be kicking everyone out before the Charity event starts later that evening, but you guys would look sharp in formal wear 馃槈

  3. I’ll be there… but I’ve already been invited through another group. I’m in a competition during the day for a Vine “thing”… my wife set it up, so we’ll see what that means. I’m sure I’ll see everyone there though! Look out for me! I’ll be the nut running around trying to win whatever it is I can win.

    • Aaaannnddddd… this may not be happening. There’s some “qualifications” that they just added that my wife and I may not qualify for. I’ll update this asap in case we end up needed tickets. And you guys would be more fun to hang out with anyways. 馃檪

    • Since this is a Friday morning rush hour drive time downtown I was not planning on a formal drive down.. Post up a meetup area and time and perhaps we can get some informal MINI caravans..

  4. Count me in for two. Looking forward to it! Though I’ve already seen the new F56 at the Indy and Detroit auto shows I’ll be happy to see them yet again if I must, lol

  5. Nice to be back! I have registered via the link. Are we allowed to have guests? If so, do we forward the link to them?

  6. What lot is everyone thinking about using?
    A, B or C
    First two are 21.00
    C is 14.00
    If we group we can meet maybe in the lot?

  7. Is there a plan when we get there? Are we all meeting and wandering together or once we’re in we’re on our own? Just curious… I didn’t go last year with the group.

    • No real plan this year since the format is different than what we have done in the past, but I’ll be making the MINI exhibit 1st and I’m sure I’ll be running into lots of CMMC friends..

  8. Beth and I are coming from Gurnee, we’re thinking of driving down LDS to the show. Looks like lot A is closest but I don’t remember what we used in past years.

    • Yes.. Lot A is the closest, and there is an inside walkway from there to the show.. I’m on the fence for driving in during rush hour.. right now I’m planning on taking CTA

  9. “Sorry, just to be clear, we (CMMC) do not have to arrive and enter together.”
    Correct, but you do need your pass from the registration link

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