March Meet and Greet 03/23


We’ve had a long long winter, and it’s almost time to get your MINI shined up and ready for the warmer weather.

Come on out for a casual Meet and Greet on Sunday March 23rd!!

WRAPUP:  We had a big crowd of 25 or 30 MINIS despite the cold weather and crowded parking area and Mall.  Lots of new members and  lots of old MINI friends.  A very fun start to the MINI season!!

send links of photos to and I’ll add them here.

Photos by: Steve |

This is a great chance to get together and hang out.. outside if the weather is nice, or inside for a snack at A&W Restaurant if it is not-so-nice

WHAT: A casual meet & greet hangout

WHERE: Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg A&W Restaurant  (Park on the west side by Sears)

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WHEN: Sunday March 23rd 2pm till whenever..

WHO:  Club members or potential members interested in hanging out

WHY:  Just for fun!!

Hope to see you there!!

  • David Lewis

    Jen and I should be there!

  • ChicagoRus

    Tawana and i will be there

  • CMMC_Steve

    Me too.. hope to clean off the giant pile of salt and crud that is currently covering my car first 😉

  • Chris Eakins

    I’m planning on going : ). Looking forward to meeting fellow mini owners as I am a new owner myself.

  • Mark G.

    I am new to the club and would like to meet some members . I will be there and hope there is a good turn out .

  • Greg Pasquarelli

    I should be able to make it.

  • Lee, Phyl, Eric & Allie

    We four will certainly try to come. The more dogs, the more likely Allie will be along (hint hint). Hope something of the finish is left after all the salt gets washed/scraped/chiseled off…

  • Chris Eakins

    Where is everyone coming from? I’ll be driving down from Kenosha, WI if anyone if anyone wanted to convoy down.

    • CMMC_Steve

      I’ll be heading in from Skokie area.. Looking forward to meeting you there!!

  • HatGrl1/Tamara

    I’ll be there!

  • Nat

    We’ll be there.

  • Reese Loire

    I’ll be there, and I’ll drag Matt with me too 😉

  • gary

    cathy and i are going

  • Greg Pasquarelli

    Won’t be able to make it today

  • Ed Groves

    Am at Woodfield where is everybody? Place is a madhouse inside at A&W.

  • Chris Eakins

    It was fun today and nice meeting some of you!

  • Ben

    Great Time @ Woodfield
    Was looking forward to some ice cold RootBeer……????
    Shame they were O U T
    Funny tho’ we got to make jokes and enjoy others smiles and laughs!

  • Scott K

    just got an email from Knauz Mini, 7/18 is their classic car show