MINI Drag Racing night 7/23



WRAPUP:   A beautiful night and a ton of fun at the races..  We had about a dozen MINIs show up to race or spectate.  Chris E. helped get everyone get set and answered all our pre-race questions.  We went out for a bunch of trial pre-runs before things got crowded and get an idea of what kind of times we would be running.  Then we had a 6 MINI bracket race.. An elimination contest where you predict your finish time (that you are not allowed to surpass) and there is a staggered start such that a perfect run would yield a tie between the two cars.  Winner of each round goes on to race someone else.  The final race was a very close contest with Chris E. coming out just ahead of Jim M.  A fantastic winners trophy was put together/donated by David L.  This will become a traveling trophy for next year’s event winner.  Huge thanks to Chris and David for this fun event!!

Photos/video by: Steve | David | Chris and Allison |

And now for something completely different.. Head on out to Great Lakes Dragaway for a bit of straight line action.

Come on out to either watch or to race.

Wednesday nights are Ladies Night, which means Ladies get in for free!!

Here is a great how-to video by Chris to help explain what you need to do out at the track.


WHAT:  A night of Drag racing.. come on out to watch or drive

WHEN:  Wednesday July 23rd  Gates open at 5pm, racing starts around 6pm till 10

WHERE:  Great Lakes Dragaway

18411 1st St
Union Grove, WI 53182

WHY:  Just for fun!!

HOW MUCH:  Ladies get in free to watch or race,  $35 for guys to race,, $15 to watch.

WHAT TO WEAR: If you are racing.. clothing requirements would be pants, shirt with sleeves, and closed toe shoes. No sleeveless shirts, no shorts, and no flip flops if racing.  Helmet required if you are running under 14 seconds (not typical MINI speeds.. if you are that fast, you’ll know to be ready)

Since many of us are not familiar with Drag Racing, club member Chris E. will help us along with some of the details.  We are even looking to have a friendly MINI competition, possibly with fabulous prizes  for the best run!!

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  • CMMC_Steve

    Never done anything like this before, but I’ll give it a shot.. sounds like fun.

  • Greg Pasquarelli

    I might be able to make it.

  • Augie Imburgia

    we should be there

  • Chris Eakins

    I’ll be there obviously. Lol. If anyone needs any advice/info, let me know.

    • CMMC_Steve

      Thanks Chris.. hoping you will be able to guide some of us drag race newbys thru what we are supposed to do/where we are supposed to be on the day of the event.

      • Arnie Press

        Great Video and Info Chris!


    Like Steve, this will be new for me but willing to try!

  • David Lewis

    I’m going to try and show up for this.

  • Tom C.

    I am going to try to make this. A lot depends on when I get out of work/Dr. appt.

  • Arnie Press

    Why not, it only takes a few seconds!

    • CMMC_Steve

      way more than a few for me 😉


    Thanks for the video Chris!