21 thoughts on “MTTS Roll Call

  1. Memphis to Buffalo for me.. Only 3 people this time, so we’ll have plenty of extra space for packing.

  2. Kathy and I will be jumping in @ Chicago (thought about Memphis) and going thru to Boston.
    Fenway Park tour and a stop at Wahlburgers!
    The wife wins out, we’re taking her MINI. 馃檨

  3. Starting in Dallas… To Chicago.. I guess I can’t have 10 days off in a row to finish the tour!! Won’t be hard to spot me.. The SUPER BRIGHT orange car and the CMMC sticker on the window!!

  4. Memphis to Cleveland via the Dragon and any other interesting roads.
    Plus I’m in San Francisco for work so I’ll go to the opening party too!

  5. Had a lot of fun last night at the kick-off party. Just finished up here in SF so home tomorrow then down to Memphis. I’m adding Cleveland to my agenda.

  6. We are going ALL the way!! We drove from Highland Park out to San Francisco and are enjoying Austin, TX tonight!!! We have a Black Countryman with the license plate I SPIKE I. Come say hi!!!

  7. Wife and I will be enjoying the Sox game for sure!
    Looking forward to getting on the road too.
    Look for Illinois plates | P Mcrtny | 馃檪

  8. I’m going to head south to catch the folks coming north to chicago. Where are folks headed as they land in Chicago? What is the guesstimate arrival time of our chicago bunch?

  9. I was walking the River Road in Alton Illinois this morning,and I counted over 250 MINI’s that passed me!! It was AWESOME!! Many drivers gave me the peace sign,and others waved at me…seem s like a bunch of great people!! Traveling Blessings to U all until U reach your destination!! God Bless!!

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