Starved Rock 11/02


WRAPUP: It was a beautiful but chilly day.  Over 50 MINIs attended our last driving event of the season.   Bill Jacobs MINI graciously opened up on a Sunday and even brought us a tasty breakfast and some nice give-aways.  After a fun drive thru some nice twisty roads we ended the day at MJ’s Pub & Grill.. some people went on to visit Starved Rock state park. Thanks again to the staff at Bill Jacobs, and MJ’s Pub, plus Chris B. for helping with arrangements and morning check-in, and Lee E. with route planning assistance!!

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Photos by: Steve | Sylvia |

Video by: Simon |

REMINDER: Set your clock back on November 2nd to make sure you show up at the right time!!


CONSTRUCTION:  There is construction on I59 between I88 and Rt 34..  Best to take the route HERE


It is late fall, and time for our annual club drive out to Starved Rock State park!!

This year, we will be starting at Bill Jacobs MINI in Naperville,  and we will be heading past the State park entrance for anyone who wants to stop there, but our ending destination will be a late lunch at MJ’s pub in Olgsby Ill.

WHAT: An all day drive on some fun twisty back roads heading towards Starved Rock state park, and a little past.

Our friends at Bill Jacobs MINI and MINIUSA will be providing a light b-fast to help us get started in the morning!!

WHEN: Sunday November 2nd  Morning departure time 9:30 am.

WHERE: Start is at Bill Jacobs MINI 2491 Aurora Ave, Naperville, IL 60540


End location is MJ’s Pub & grill   139 E Walnut St, Oglesby, IL 61348


WHO: Chicago MINI Motoring Club members, other area MINI (and Mini) clubs,  and anyone potentially interested in the club

WHY: Just for fun!!

WHAT TO BRING: A full tank of gas, optional FRS radio tuned to channel 1, sub Channel 1, appropriate clothing for being outside at the park, money for lunch, a camera, and a smile!!

It is important to let us know you will be attending by adding a comment below so we can plan for the correct number of route sheets and for food.


  • CMMC_Steve

    I’ll be there..

    • Carl

      add another mini clubman!

  • Terry Jeglum

    Great Job Steve,
    Nancy and I will make the trip.

  • Eric T.

    I will be in attendance

  • Nat

    We’ll be there

  • Eric Yeung

    Will be there

  • alice

    Yes please count me and my Dad in – thanks Alice

  • Veronica

    Hi. I’m interested in joining the club. Will be there plus one.

  • Gregg Stephenson

    Gloria and I will be there

  • Guest

    Gloria and I will be there

  • Simon C Hall

    I will be there!!

  • Simon C Hall

    I will be there. BTW, I am looking to buy a FRS radio. Do you guys have any recommendation?

    • Craig nuccio

      Motorola Talkabout on Amazon


    We have been wanting to join CMMC so we will be there!

  • Augie Imburgia

    Amy and I will be there

  • Sylvia

    I will be there!

  • Ellen Landau

    We are looking to join, we will be there.

  • Craig nuccio

    Beth and I will be there

  • Rich

    I’ll be there!

  • Enrique

    Carrie and Enrique Will be there for the drive and lunch. Can’t wait!!!!

  • Matt

    We will be there. I’ll get the word out to the NWI MINIacs and see if anyone would like to join.

  • Christopher Michalek

    I’m in!

  • mark

    Will be there + 1

  • Dan

    Shawn and I will be coming

  • Marion

    I will be there for part of the ride

  • Roseann

    Add two more

  • The Seeker

    In for two !

  • Carleen s

    Count me in for two people! Can’t wait!!

  • YSR50

    In for two

  • Fo Wilson

    Will join the tour, count us in!

    Fo + 1

  • Phil

    Phil and Pam will be joining in on the run and lunch!

  • JohnC

    Returning to my childhood stomping grounds is a perfect excuse for my first CMMC event! Count me in.

  • CMMC_Francis

    I’ll be there. I’m in need of a co-pilot if anyone is interested.

  • Veronica

    Is this something a person can attend solo?

    • CMMC_Steve

      Hi Veronica..
      Yes indeed.. We will be providing a route sheet with turn by turn directions, and we will be mostly traveling as a group.

    • mark

      Of coarse . I am .

  • Rick Plentz

    rats…so bummed this drive is planned for this weekend and not next weekend when we’ll be in naperville. Our friend Sue T. told us about this & thought we could participate. We have a MINI club here in NW Ohio…NOMO, as well. happy motoring!!!!

  • Lorilou

    Have FUN without us 🙁 Dave & I have to get caught up around the farm and house after attending MITO last weekend 🙂 Maxiimus performed beautifully on all the twisty, rolling hills of AR! Hugs to all my MINI friends 🙂

  • Theresa Ann Bedno

    Will be there with a +1

    Is anyone bringing their pooch?

    • Veronica

      I was thinking about it but didn’t know if they are allowed?

      • CMMC_Steve

        I’m pretty sure leashed dogs are ok at Starved rock. People have brought pets in the past.

  • Chris Menzimer

    I’ll be there +1.

  • JohnC

    Just a heads up to all…

    My brother lives in Utica (The Gateway to Starved Rock) and when I talked to him today he informed told me that the annual Utica Veterans Day Parade kicks off at 1:00 on Sunday. It is supposedly one of the largest in Illinois…

    parade will have over 150 units to include american legion vfw amvets state commanders military units Chicago police bag pipe band legion riders there will also be four flyovers to include the Lima

    Wonder if it’s too late to get 20+ MINIs entered!

    • CMMC_Steve

      Thanks for the heads up.. We’ll be coming in from the south side of the river, so I think we will be ok on the parade.. and we’ll probably be closer to 50 MINIs 😉

  • Lee E.

    It’ll be four of us in our True Blue Countryman, probably two plus two friends we’ve told about the club. They don’t have a Mini, but are intrigued with the drive. Do we arrive earlier than 9:30 to have time for breakfast?

    • CMMC_Steve

      Yea.. Looking to have the drivers meeting at 9:30 and departing shortly after that.

      • Lee E.

        So, slight change in logistics. We’ll still have four in the Countryman. Now the friends will join us in their own car (a Prius. Sorry about that.) Likely they will not stay for lunch, but will need their own route sheet. We’re all looking forward to the drive.

  • Winnie D

    I’m from the Nwi MINI Cooper club and we would love to go. There will be two of us and our Corgi.

  • ChicagoRus

    Tawana and I will be there.

  • Tamara Hatgrl1

    Michael and I are going! Woot!

  • Let_them_eat_cake

    I may meet you guys when you pass by Ottawa, il. Anyone have a time hack on eta?

  • Chris Eakins

    I’m planning on coming along with my wife.

  • buttonbag

    I’ll see you all there

  • sue

    Me and BEE will be there!

  • Fo Wilson

    Not going to make it guys, have fun!

    Fo + 1

  • Mark

    Thanks again Steve for another great drive . Also thanks to Bill Jacobs for their early morning hospitality . What other car dealer would do that on a Sunday ?