CMMC at Auto Show media preview day Feb 13

WRAPUP: A great way to experience the Auto Show..  small crowds, short lines and lots of cars.  Huge thanks to our friends at MINIUSA  for putting in all the hard work to get our club in to this event early!!


Photos by : Steve | Rus |


The Chicago MINI Motoring Club is invited to attend the Chicago Auto Show Media preview day on Friday February 13th.. a day before the show opens for the general public.  Come on out and check out the show!


WHAT: Chicago Auto Show Social Media Preview Day

WHERE: McCormick Place, North Hall

WHEN: Friday February 13th 8:00am – 3:00pm

HOW: Click on the link [link removed]  and fill out the details and print your ticket.  You will need that and a photo id to get in to the show.

Huge thanks once again to our friends at MINIUSA for helping with the event arrangements!!


Also add a comment here so we know you are going

  • Terry Jeglum

    Will we meet up and go as a group.

    • CMMC_Steve

      I personally will be heading in on CTA.. Friday morning rush hour is hard to plan a group drive. If anyone is interested in hosting a start area to meet up and head in together in groups, this would be the place to add a comment with a location and departure time..

  • Greg Pasquarelli

    Darn I have work from 7-3:30 so I won’t be able to make it

  • CMMC_Steve

    Link was not correct before, but it is good now..

  • Eric T

    I will be there.


    I had previously signed up. See you there!

  • ChicagoRus

    Rus + 2 will be there

    • ChicagoRus

      Are we meeting as a group or can we get there when we want? I’m going to take the train, too.

      • CMMC_Steve

        No formal meetup planned and you can get there anytime you like.. You will get kicked out around 3pm so they can get ready for the black tie charity event.

  • Gregg Stephenson

    Gloria and I will be there

  • Jonathan E

    Is this invitation for CMMC members only, or are we allowed to bring friends and family? Sorry, if I missed it, but I do not see any mention on the details.

    • CMMC_Steve

      I did leave it vague.. Yes you can register a guest or two, but please keep the numbers to a MINI-full or less so all interested members have a chance to sign up before it fills up.

  • Alex Rydzewski

    Alex, +1 will be attending

  • Simon C Hall

    I have work that day, but I will try to make it. If not, maybe my brother can go.

  • Alice

    I would love to join that day -2 if possible

    • CMMC_Steve

      Cool.. make sure you register, and I’ll probably run into you out there!!

  • Daniel Conaway

    Attending with +1 guest! — passes printed

  • Mike Schiml

    I’m in for one, will be an early bird only with big plans in the afternoon!

  • Chris

    Plan to be there with one friend.

  • AJ

    Going with a guest

  • Bill Murphy

    Myself and my brother.

  • Augie Imburgia

    Amy and I are driving. Does anyone want to caravan starting from the Gurnee area?

  • ChicagoRus

    Thanks for setting this up Steve, this is the only way to go to the show!