Indiana Dunes Drive 3/20

WRAPUP:  A chilly but sunny first day of spring made for a great season opener MINI drive..  Almost 30 MINIs met at MINI of Orland Park and took the 85 mile long back road route to the Indiana Dunes..   The Northwest Indiana MINIacs met us for Lunch with another 20 or so MINIs..  After lunch a short blast thru some twisty Indiana back roads and a stop at the visitors center before heading off to the Dunes. Special thanks to MINI of Orland Park for opening up on their day off for us, Alice H. and Phil and Pam E. for pre-driving the route, and Shawn R. and Matt M. for routing planning!!

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Indiana Dunes Drive 2016


We will be joining up with the Northwest Indiana MINIacs for a scenic drive out to the Indiana Dunes area.

WHEN: Sunday March 20th  10am departure time

WHERE: Start at MINI of Orland Park  11030 W 159th Street, Orland Park IL 60467  

Late lunch at Quaker Steak & Lube in Portage Indiana

Then a shorter twisty drive to the Dunes Visitors center and off to explore anything in the Dunes area.

What to bring:  Clothing appropriate for the weather, a full tank of gas, camera, money for lunch and any Dunes activities.

Note: Be prepared for longer drive of around 100 miles to our destination.

Anyone interested in helping to test drive/pre-drive some or all of the route, please send an e-mail to

  • ET2011

    I will be there

  • Eric T

    I will be there

  • Augie Imburgia

    We’ll be there! Its been so long since I’ve been to Indiana Dunes

  • Vincen?

    I’ve never been to the dunes, I think this would be a good excuse to visit for the first time!

    • Vincen?

      Waiting for my schedule to come out, but it seems it has been confirmed that I’ll have this day off. Can’t wait!

  • Phil

    Phil and Pam will be there!!

  • dan80851

    We will be coming , I haven’t been to the dunes since I was a boy scout.

  • Nat

    we’ll be there

  • Mason Whitcomb

    Will be there and maybe a plus one

  • Terry Jeglum

    Ms. Nanc and I are planning to make this run.

  • Denise Washington

    I will be there plus 2. Looking forward to going to the Dunes.

  • Alice Hiogueisson

    Me plus 1

  • TSmith

    Two for us!

  • GL

    I’m so ready for this. Driving solo

  • Roseann

    Two more for the road

  • Chris Menzimer

    I should be there.

  • Phyllis Emroll

    2 for us. (Phyllis and Lee)

  • Scott Hiskes

    Sherri and I are eager to get this motoring season going, we’ll be there.

  • Vincen?

    My roommate may tag along, possibly in his own car if that’s okay.

    • CMMC_Steve

      Sure.. see you tomorrow!!