The Road Warrior Rock Run 11/6


WRAPUP:  Spectacular fall weather brought out over 50 MINIs  for our drive..  Bill Jacobs MINI provided some great morning snacks.  We presented drive magnets to honor Conrad.  After exploring some twisty roads, we arrived to a very crowded Starved Rock State park.  Thanks again to Bill Jacobs MINI!!

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Photos by:  Steve |

NOTE: We have renamed this event from now forward to The Road Warrior Rock Run in honor of Conrad Alexander.

Fall is the time for our annual drive out to Starved Rock State park!!  This is our last driving event of the season and always a club favorite.

Bill Jacobs MINI has offered to host our starting location, and will be providing some light eats to start the day out in style!

WHAT: An all day drive on some fun twisty back roads ending at Starved Rock state park in Utica Illinois.. After that Lunch is on your own either at the park or in one of the neighboring towns..  Feel free to explore and enjoy the area.

WHEN: Sunday November 6nd  Arrive after 9am and departure is at 10am.

IMPORTANT REMINDER:  This is the first day of Daylight Savings time.. set your watches!!

WHERE: Start is at Bill Jacobs MINI 2491 Aurora Ave, Naperville, IL 60540


WHO: Chicago MINI Motoring Club members, other area MINI (and Mini) clubs,  and anyone potentially interested in the club

WHY: Just for fun!!

WHAT TO BRING: A full tank of gas, optional FRS radio tuned to channel 1, sub Channel 1, appropriate clothing for being outside at the park, money for lunch, a camera, and a smile!!

It is important to let us know you will be attending by adding a comment below so we can plan for the correct number of route sheets and for food.

  • Augie Imburgia

    We’ll be there!

  • gary s

    Gary, Cathy n Lily plan on attending

  • Nat

    We’ll be there.

  • Scott

    Sherri and I will definitely be there.

  • Terry Jeglum

    Nancy and I will be there.

  • Dan

    I’ll be there

  • Eric T

    I will be there

  • Dave N

    Bought my first Mini a couple of weeks back and I’m trying to work it out to be there. I’ll know for sure about a week before the date.

    • CMMC_Steve

      Congrats on the new MINI.. Hope you can make it!

      • Dave N

        My wife and I will be there.

  • GL

    I’ll be there in my fairly new clubman jcw with a few mods… loud & sexy.
    RIP Conrad


  • Boris

    I will be there with my Optimus

  • Mark fromPlainfield

    me + 3 more Mini’s

  • Keith K

    Kim and I will be there

  • Rich

    I will be there.. possibly 2 other MINI’s, and a classic.. trying to work out details!!

  • YSR50

    We are planning on making it

  • Ayshvar

    Do I have to be a member to attend ?

    • CMMC_Steve

      Nope, but thanks for the RSVP so we can plan for food and route sheets. This annual event has been a first ride for many of our club members over the years.. Look forward to meeting you there.

  • Phil

    Pam and Phil will Rally!!

  • Drew

    Bought my first mini as well. Looking forward to the twistys ;-).

  • Danielle

    I am a brand new owner of a Mini Clubman. I just found this local club, and am not a member yet. This would be my first adventure! Can I bring my dog along (he is in my profile picture)? I don’t know how to tune the radio to Channel 1, sub Channel 1 as in the instruction, also don’t know how to follow a route sheet. But I have a newest version of GPS if that could help? Looking forward to meeting everyone!

    • CMMC_Steve

      Leashed friendly dogs are OK at Starved Rock state park. We use the optional FRS radios to help make sure everyone is on track and mostly together. Someone can help you set the channel if you have one.. GPS will help get you to the final destination, but we are taking an indirect route. It also helps you see what streets are coming up to better know when to turn.

      Looking forward to meeting you there!!

      • Danielle

        Sounds great! Thanks Steve for organizing and volunteering your time for this event. I will buy a pair of FRS radios, and greatly appreciate someone could help me to set the channel. Please count 3 people in my Clubman.

  • Carlos D Ortiz

    This is Carlos and I will be there. Looking forward for the run.

  • Dastardly Don

    Looking forward to it

  • Russell LaMantia

    I’ll be there. Thanks!

  • Anghara Kaligsdaughter

    I am going to try very hard to be there!

    But in my new(er) JCW Countryman 🙂

  • Vincen?

    I should be there, it’s been too long since I’ve been on one of these drives!

  • John Dean

    Zhenya and I will be there. Number of MINIs and number of dogs is a question mark.

  • Ramses

    I’m a new Mini cooper owner and I just saw this and would love to come.


    We’ll be there to Motor On in honor of the Road Warrior.

  • Luis Pérez

    I’ll be there with a coworker who’s never been to Starved Rock and my dog who also hasn’t been there before. Wow first time in a long time for me too, I’m so excited.

    • CMMC_Steve

      I think it has been 8 or 9 years.. Glad you will be there!!

  • Peter Novack

    See everyone in the morning!!

  • YSR50

    Two people had drones. Where’s the videos?