Auto-X with Windy City Miata Club 5/20


The Windy City Miata Club has invited the Chicago MINI Motoring Club to attend their Autocross event on Saturday May 20th

IMPORTANT UPDATE: 5/20/2017  Event has been Cancelled due to bad weather!!

Click on the calendar date for the event on this link:


You will need to create an account on MotorsporReg to register for the event

Formal registration opens up Friday May 5th at 12:30pm.  Spots fill up fast so dont delay.

To register you must click on the calendar date link on the Windy City Miata Club site HERE

You will need to choose a 3 digit race number, but there is a small chance the Miata Club may ask you to change it at a later date if it duplicates one that they are currently using.

If you are new to autocross, we request a few simple things to make their experience better. Let us know when you register (identify your club and experience in the notes). On the day of the event, let us know you are a novice when they check in and place an “X” on both sides of their car (just so we can help).

Some FAQs and details are listed on the Windy City Miata Club website

WHEN:  Saturday May 20th 8:00 to 8:30 arrival

WHERE: Boomer Stadium, Schaumburg

WHAT:  Autocross event, competitive but mostly for fun.

COST:  $37 for per-registeration opens 2 weeks prior to event, $45 day of event (if there are still openings)

THIS LINK is the full days timing of whoe the event works plus additional FAQs


You will need to complete a “self tech”:

Removal of all loose contents in passenger compartment (including floor mats) and trunk.
Brake pedal feels stiff
Seat belts in good condition
Under Hood/Trunk
Throttle return spring (safe and positive)
Battery tie down secure
Brake fluid level above the minimum level
No fluid leaks of any kind
Fuel cap (and all fluid caps) tightly secured
Spare tire (and assoc. tools) removed or double checked to be secure.
Wheels and tires
Tires in good condition (e.g. No steel belts or cords showing, excessive wear)
Tire pressure checked (min. 25psi. for street tires, if in doubt ask)
Wheel bearings in good condition, no excessive play
Remove wheel covers or “hub caps”
Lug nuts torqued to spec
Car does not “pull” to one side
Helmet, Misc.
D.O.T. rated helmet (Snell SA or M80 for SCCA Competition) note: the club has several “loaner” helmets
Car number visible on both sides of the car. note: the club MAY have tape or shoe polish.




9 thoughts on “Auto-X with Windy City Miata Club 5/20

  1. The Triumph Club (ISOA) was also invited, so Matt and I will both be there! I’ll have the Classic, and I’m guessing Matt will be bringing the GT6.

  2. I will be there. not sure yet about running the course yet, but at least there to check it out. Coincidentally, if you google maps the stadium parking lot, there is a auto-x event taking place. Zoom in on the west side lot and you can see bunches of traffic cones and cars lined up. Mostly Miatas from what I can make out. Cant really make out all of the course from that particular event, but enough to give you an idea.

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