Ice Autocross Feb 25th

The Windy City BMW club is hosting an Ice Autocross on February 25th, and have invited members of the Chicago MINI Motoring Club to participate

UPDATE 02/19/2018聽 Autocross has been canceled due to warm weather

WHEN: Only if weather and ice conditions permit on Sunday February 25th 9am

WHERE:聽 Twin Lakes Wisconsin

WHAT:聽 An autocross course on the lake (single driver at a time thru a cone marked course)

If you are interested, send an email to to let them know you are interested.. Please let them know you are from the Chicago MINI Motoring Club.

Also add a comment here, so we know how many people will be attending.


3 thoughts on “Ice Autocross Feb 25th

  1. Interested, but torn between hoping for lots of really cold weather or hoping for really warm weather in the end of February.

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