MTTS transporter to Portland?


A few people are interested in transporting their MINIs out to Portland for the start of MINI Takes the States 2018.

Club members Keith and Kim have looked into options from a few carriers.. Best prices they could find are about $1000 for a single car, and about $900 each for a carrier-full.  Please add a comment if you are interested in joining in on this “group buy” or send an email to


  • Mike Neben

    Delighted to hear other club members want to run the MTTS western route as well. Great idea! I’ve been weighing driving to Portland (I 90?) vs shipping the Mini. Interested in hearing more. Thanks to Keith and Kim.

  • Kella Conner Herrick

    I am new to area ( Crawfordsville, IN) and looking to ship my Roadster to Portland. Count me on the interested list.

  • if you are interested, send an email to