2018 MINI Takes the States

MINI Takes the States is fast approaching, and many Chicago area people will be attending.

Post up and let us know what legs you will be doing or if you are looking to hook up and caravan out together..


WRAPUP:  Photos by:  Steve

  • Scott

    Yesterday we shipped Sherri’s roadster off to Portland.
    Western route for us. All the way.

  • Tracy Smith

    We are motoring from Rockford midday on TH 7/12 and heading West with a start in Sacramento to Keystone.

  • Keith & Kim K

    We’re motoring from Portland to Keystone. Shipped our MINI to Portland, and thanks to MINI of Orland Park and MINI of Portland for their assistance! Looking forward to fun road-trip and meeting up with other club members.

  • Keith and Kim K

    Disqus doesn’t like the ampersand symbol 😉

  • CMMC_Steve

    I’ll be going solo.. Dodge City and Keystone

    • Scott

      Motor safely Steve, thats sounds like an ambitious weekend.

      • CMMC_Steve

        I’ll be doing 2 days to get home, but no idea where to stay yet..

  • CMMC_Steve

    Had a great time!!