High Mileage MINIs

High Mileage MINIs..聽 Checking if there is enough interest in a mileage grill badge. 聽 These are made of metal and are very sturdy.

Looking to place an order (if enough interest) in about 4-6 weeks. Price will depend upon exceeding the minimum order number, but will be about $30. Comment if interested. There may be a discount if you buy 3 or 4.

6 thoughts on “High Mileage MINIs

  1. I might be interested in a 100k and maybe a 150k. Do these include mounting hardware or are they designed to work with other grill badge hardware. Unfortunately, after my car accident, the body shop conveniently lost my existing grill badges, so I don’t have any hardware.

    • A thought, although this is probably too late, but it might be kind of neat to have the 50k point to the 25% mark, the 100k straight up at the 50% mark, 150k at the 75%, and 200k at the buried needle mark! 馃檪

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