BMWCCA looking for a few good MINIs

The BMWCCA (Car Club of America) will be hosting a MINI and Mini exhibit later this year in Spartansburg S.C. They are looking for a few good MINIs to be shown. If you have a car that qualifies and you are interested, check out the details below

Exhibition Facts:

Mini/MINI is celebrating 65 years

Vehicles: select approximately 30 vehicles of the following range

• Heritage: BMW, British Leyland, Rover (5) – want a 1959 model

• BMW Years: (5-10)

• Motorsports: (5)

• Variants/Special Editions and Quirky Vehicles: (5)

• Future product range: (5)


• MINI memorabilia and MINI USA branded items

• Dealer merchandising (signs, banners, other stuff???)

We will need the cars for 11-12 months. Cars need to be here between the January 22 and February 19. We need to get photography done for the cars the last week of February and maybe into the first week of March. Photography is used for our website and other promotional needs throughout the year. Here is a link to our website showing our past exhibitions. We keep all the pictures of the cars up on our website. Cars will be behind the ropes and stanchions you saw around the motorcycles. We do have “Please do not touch” signs on the placards.

Someone we designate will have to interview the owners to get information that can be used on the information placards near the cars and on our website.

March through April, the exhibition will be built. As you saw, not only is it the cars in the space, but also adding memorabilia to the walls and display cases.

Opening is tentatively scheduled for the first week of May 2024. The exhibition will run through January 18, 2024.

We will have events throughout the year, but at this time, we don’t have dates or details. Owners are comped when visiting the Museum throughout the year. Depending on the event, they are also comped.

We ask that owners keep the insurance on their car(s) while we have them. We add additional insurance on our end.

The cars don’t have to be in running condition, but if it isn’t patina, we do ask they be cleaned very well before displaying. It doesn’t have to be concours ready and restored, just super clean.

We have a loan agreement for both the vehicles and memorabilia that each owner will receive. I have attached a copy of the loan agreement. We also have a page that asks about car instructions and maintenance.

If someone is interested in loaning a car and/or memorabilia, please have them contact me with a year, model, color(s). Send a picture or two of the car(s) and/or memorabilia. We have a selection committee, so this information will be shared with the group. As we fill a category, we can let you know to avoid others sending in the same information.

Contact Michael Mitchell at if you have additional questions

Link to Loan Agreement

Link to additional details