Superdawg 7/27


WRAPUP:? A truly wonderful evening..? Over 40 MINIs attended this event, including our friends from the Milwaukee MINIs..??Lots of regulars, many first timers, and several MINI friends who haven’t been out to an event in a while. ?We were greeted by perfect?weather, VIP parking, and even free soft drinks by Superdawg.? A great chance to kick back.. enjoy some great food,?fun cars, and MINI friends.

Huge thanks to our friends at Superdawg for a great time, and to Arnie for helping with the arrangements!!

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Photos by: Steve |???

Superdawg is one of Chicagoland’s iconic drive-ins and one of our club favorite events!!? ?

Head out to Wheeling? to hang out with MINI friends and fill the parking lot with small cars.

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Raceway Woods 6/3

WRAPUP: A beautiful Sunday drew over 15 MINIs for a short drive an a picnic cookout hangout.? Plenty of good food and good company.? Several new members joined?in and many people brought their 4 legged co-pilots as well.

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Photos by : Steve |



We will be taking another trip out to Raceway Woods Forest Preserves in Carpentersville on Sunday ?June 3rd.?? This forest preserve used to be the home of Meadowdale Raceway in the 1950s and 60s. Parts of the track can still be seen and explored while hiking in the area.

This is a great time to enjoy an historic and scenic spot, hang out with MINI friends, have a casual cookout.? ?Leashed dogs are welcome (as long as you clean up after them).

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