SUPERDAWG and the Cul de sacs of Vernon Hills 8/16


MINIs will be back at Superdawg on a prime time Saturday night!!

This year we will meet up beforehand for a fun little neighborhood cul de sac drive so we can all arrive en-mass.

WRAPUP:  A beautiful evening and a really fun drive..  We had almost 30 MINIs participate in a twisty neighborhood drive thru 14 cul de sacs.  We were met by another 15 or 20 MINIs at Superdawg where we were treated to rock-star parking out front and center.  A really nice evening for hanging around and visiting with MINI friends!!  Huge thanks to Arnie and Lena for all the planning and route details, and to Superdawg for hosting our event!!

Photos by: Steve |


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MINI Drag Racing night 7/23



WRAPUP:   A beautiful night and a ton of fun at the races..  We had about a dozen MINIs show up to race or spectate.  Chris E. helped get everyone get set and answered all our pre-race questions.  We went out for a bunch of trial pre-runs before things got crowded and get an idea of what kind of times we would be running.  Then we had a 6 MINI bracket race.. An elimination contest where you predict your finish time (that you are not allowed to surpass) and there is a staggered start such that a perfect run would yield a tie between the two cars.  Winner of each round goes on to race someone else.  The final race was a very close contest with Chris E. coming out just ahead of Jim M.  A fantastic winners trophy was put together/donated by David L.  This will become a traveling trophy for next year’s event winner.  Huge thanks to Chris and David for this fun event!!

Photos/video by: Steve | David | Chris and Allison |

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Knauz Cruise Night 7/18


Knauz MINI has invited members of the Chicago MINI Motoring Club to participate in their 2014 Cruise Night on Friday July 18th.  This is for older cars, but they will also provide a MINI Cooper area for our cars to gather and enjoy!!

pre-registration is required..  See details below for information

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June Drive 6/22

WRAPUP:  Great weather and a great drive!!  We had a large turnout of almost 30 MINIs of all colors and styles.. We had quite a few first timers who I suspect will be back for more drives.  We took a fun and twisty route up around Lake Geneva and back.  Huge thanks to Chris for all the route planning and and for taking the lead driving position on the route!!

Send links to photos or video to and I’ll add it here.

Photos by: Steve (and Allie E.) | Eric T |


June 22nd will be a drive from the western suburbs, running thru some fun back roads including a loop around Lake Geneva and back.

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Midwest area events


Here are a just couple area events that CMMC members will be participating in this year..
Use this space to add a comment to let people know you are attending, and perhaps you can arrange a meetup or group drive to get there..

Driving the Dixie  June 21st Moraine Valley Collage in Blue Island

Can-Am MINI Challenge    June 26th-29th Mid Ohio Sports Car course, Lexington Ohio

Hi, this is Arnie Press VP-CMMC. Lena and I and several friends as well as racers will be attending the Can-Am MINI Challenge at Mid Ohio 6/26-29. It should be one of the best Mini races in the country perhaps ever. Imagine 50+ Classic Mini’s racing on 3 wheels through almost every corner. I have attended other Mini/MINI races and found them to be very exciting and lots of fun. They are offering us FREE Club Parking and the price of admission is dirt cheap. We will be there Fri-Sunday. If you are from another Mini club or haven’t joined, you are still more than welcome to park with us and hang out. (M.I.N.I. Milw Mini’s etc…) JOIN THE FUN!Anyone who is interested or going please let me know so we can have club reserved parking and meet up..

Keweenaw MINI Rendezvous August 14th-17th Houghton, MI