MINIs in the Mountains


MINIs in the Mountains (MITM) has just wrapped up last week in Colorado. There were a couple Chicago area MINIs in attendence. Here is a brief review from John:

“MITM 2006 was lots of fun. A well run event and alot of friendly people. Over 175 registrants and close to 80 or 90 cars. Three days of varied runs in the morning afternoon and late night. If you are a “flatlander” and have never been up in the Rockies, it is a definite “must see” for next year. They are shooting for the second weekend in August again for 2007″

Check out some pics from John here, and the NorthAmericanMotoring picture thread here

High Speed Auto-X 8/26

Steve from the Midwestern Council Sports Car Clubs (MCSCC) has invited members of our club to participate in their Time Attack/ Autocross at Blackhawk Racetrack on Saturday August 26th.

The MCSCC has also extended a special offer to CMMC members, allowing us a FREE guest pass entry to watch the event by flashing your Membership card. This is a $10 savings from a normal admission pass. If you are missing your membership card and would like to watch, send an e-mail to
Here are the details:

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MTTS Chicago to Indianapolis

Update: 08/16/2006:

Indianapolis Motor Speedway: Motor like you’ve never motored before! It’s just you and 500 of your closet MINI friends and family, motoring around the famous Indianapolis Speedway. Join us for a parade lap and get your photo taken as you pass the famous yard
of bricks. Enjoy snacks and refreshments, all courtesy of Sports Illustrated. A $10.00 donation to a local Indianapolis charity will be collected in order to participate in the parade lap. Museum tours and access, as well as ground tours are available on a first come first
some basis for $3.00 per person. Plan to join us from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM for an afternoon of speed and excitement.
*The Speedway is located at 4790 West 16th Street on the west side of Indianapolis; just minutes from Indianapolis Airport. Take I-465; Exit 16A, Crawford Rd. head east approximately 1.5 miles; the Speedway is located on the north east corner of Crawford and Georgetown roads. Use Main Gate #2 to enter the speedway. Speedway staff will direct you to the RV parking lot to register for the track lap.

MINIUSA will be organizing a Cross Country Drive called MINI Takes the States (MTTS) to celebrate the arrival of the JCW Cooper S GP kit.

Patrick MINI, in conjunction with Chicago MINI Motoring Club – will be conducting a drive from South Holland Oasis near the Illinois-Indiana border and join the celebration in Indianapolis.

WHERE: We will meet at the South Holland Oasis

WHEN: Wednesday August 30th. We will hit the road at 9:30 am (Chicago time), and plan to get to Indy before 2pm (we will be going non-stop).

WHO: Anyone can join in, but you must already be registered to participate in the festivities.

Some suggested key points (from Patrick MINI):

  • Each participant will pack their own picnic basket to simplify the issue of food
  • Each participant who wants to participate in the Motoring Hearts pledge drive aspect for a badge should be able to download a pledge form (available Here)
  • I would suggest we leave open the departure time to each individuals discretion but post a “primary” time for reference (say ~ 7pm?)
  • a “ceremonial” distribution of Motoring Hearts grille badges will take place upon arrival at South Holland Oasis (grille badge holders not included!)
  • Participants should be encouraged to “bring a friend” (potential MINI buyer, of course) to help defray fuel expense
  • Patrick MINI will hold a random raffle of 10 twenty-dollar gas cards to Motoring Hearts participants
  • All donations to Duke’s Fund will benefit Dr. Cohn’s research for neuroblastoma. Checks should be written as follows:

    Attn: Kristin Hughes
    Children’s Memorial Foundation
    2300 Children’s Plaza Box 4
    Chicago, IL 60614

    Make check’s payable to: Children’s Memorial Foundation – Duke’s Fund (or put somewhere on the check that it is to be applied to Duke’s Fund).

    Check out This Post for additional information.

    Here is the Chicago forum information for people driving the leg from St. Louis to Indy.

    Micro Car National Aug 12

    WRAPUP: 15 MINIs (and Mini), a Prowler and an MG took off on an 18 mile scenic drive to the MicroCar show. We were treated to VIP parking in the front row, and joined by a number of additional MINIs.

    The show was amazing!! There was more of everything small than you could possibly imagine. Those that stuck around to the end of the show were treated to rides around the parking lot by a number of the vehicles including Messerschmitts, Isettas, Skoda, Smart Cars, 2CVs and an Amphibicar.

    Thanks to Anders for planning the drive, and Arnie for the special parking!!

    Photo Show from Lynn

    Photos from Paul | Tom


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