2010 Holiday Party

WRAPUP: Another great party to end the 2010 MINI season.  Lots of good food and great company.  The weather was not great, but not as terrible as expected.  We had a few raffle prizes to give away from MINIUSA, Chris, Rose,  and Francis.  Huge thanks to Taylor for being such a gracious host, and for all who attended to make the day so much fun!!

Pictures from: Steve

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MINIUSA hangout 11/23


WRAPUP: WOW!!  MINIUSA pulled out all the stops for a fantastic evening.  We had a mingle time with food, drinks, fruit and cheese, and fabulous deserts in the main reception area  followed by a short talk by MINI execs.  We were then shown a preview of a new Countryman commercial, and an unveiling of the car.  We were able to get up close and personal with the new Countryman and everyone got MINI framed photographs.  We even got a nice little MINI goody bag at the end of the evening.  Huge thanks to Broderick and Michelle and the rest of the MINI and BMW crew for treating our club to such a wonderfull evening.

Please send links to photos to steve@chicagominiclub.com and I will link them in here.

Photos by: Steve | Johnny

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Cubs Brewers Game Meetup


WRAPUP:  Perfect weather for a perfect MINI event..  We had 10 MINIs meet up at Knauz MINI and caravan out to Milwaukee to join up with 25 or so additional cars, about 75 people total.   Everyone drove into the park together, and settled in after some re-positioning from the friendly parking lot staff.  We had some visting time and a fantastic catered meal for most of us, and a few packed their own for tailgating.  We headed into the game, and the Cubs even won with a late in the game score of 1-0.

Huge thanks to Theresa and Wade for working on all the arrangements for such a wonderful day, Rivers Edge Catering for the great food,  and to Knauz MINI for hosting the Chicago meetup location.

Photos by: Steve

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Superdawg 5/21

MINI Cooper Superdawg

WRAPUP: A bit of early evening drizzle did not dampen the enthusiasm for hanging out at the worlds coolest Hot Dog place.  40 MINIs, Mini, Lotus, and a few other cars showed up over the evening from such faraway places as Madison, Milwaukee, and even New Jersey (plus a bunch of people from much closer).  A really great evening to hang out and visit, look at cool cars, have some great food, and enjoy each others company.

Huge thanks to Arnie for making all the arrangements to provide for such a fun evening, even though he was unable to attend..

Please send links to photos to steve@chicagominiclub.com , and I’ll add them here.

Photos by:  Steve |

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BMW/MINI Distribution Center


WRAPUP: Over 40 BMWs and MINIs met for a perfect Saturday Morning drive to the BMW/MINI Distribution Center in Minooka.  We were treated to snacks and fruit, and a presentation of the workings of the Distribution Center.  We then took a tour of the center with an in depth description of the workings of hoow the parts are brought in, stored, picked, and readied for delivery to over 30 area MINI and BMW dealerships.  After a wonderfull lunch, there was a raffle for many gifts and we all lined up for a group photo.  Huge thanks to Robert, Carla, and all the staff who volunteered their day to show us such a great time, and to Meg from the Windy City BMW Club for organizing the event and inviting the CMMC to participate!!

Send links to photos to steve@chicagominiclub.com and I will add them here.

Photos by: Steve and Peter|  Meg (requires creating a free account) | Jeff |

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Starved Rock 11/22

WRAPUP: The 6th annual Starved Rock drive is in the books, and it was an amazing trip.  The late November weather turned out beautiful, and we wound up with 37 MINIs lining up at the beginning of the drive.  Our first stop was to the Minooka BMW/MINI Distribution Center where we were welcomed with open arms by many of the staff who came in on their day off, as well as the Mayor of Minooka!!  We were treated to donuts, cookies, fruit and drinks and given an overview of what the distribution center was all about.  There was a MINI quiz, with MINI caps awarded to the winners.  We then took a tour of the center to see where things were shipped, stocked, and packed.  It was impressive to see how clean and efficient everything was.  We then lined up our cars for a group photo opp, and were presented with a framed poster signed by all the distribution center employees (and we signed another poster that will be displayed at the center).  Next stop was a quick lunch at the Minooka Culvers where we took over the dining area and parking lot.  We then headed out on some quiet back roads to visit the Windmill farms near Marseilles for a quick photo stop and on to the final leg to Starved Rock State Park.

Huge thanks to Jeff and Broderick from MINIUSA and Robert, Carla and all the staff from the Distribution Center for treating our club so well and arranging such a fantastic visit, and to Gary for help with ideas and planning for the drive route!!

Please send links to photos to steve@chicagominiclub.com and I will add them here

Photos by: TomSteve, Paul and Kim, Pat and Kathy  | Paul | Kevin and Carolyn | Jerry, Laurel & SarahSue | Kes | Francis |

Video by:  Tom part1 | part2 |

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